Add Enchantment & Intrigue to your New Year’s Eve at the All-New Matroshka Bistro & Jardin

  • Discover the majestic union of French and Russian cuisine, reimagined with the finest ingredients, and immerse yourself in the enchanting surroundings of the brand-new Matroshka Bistro & Jardin, at The Pointe, from 31st
  • Matroshka is a home away from home for amazing food from the French and Russian classics, alongside drinks and fun with friends and family, topped off by exquisite décor and an intriguing ambience
  • Matroshka is launching on 31st December, with a mouth-watering New Year’s Eve Menu featuring lavish caviar dishes for AED 550 per person, from 8.30pm, complemented by breath-taking views of the world’s largest fountains, The Palm Jumeirah’s iconic firework displays, and a live DJ to make it a night to remember.

Dubai, UAE (27th December 2020): Introducing Matroshka Bistro & Jardin: a brand-new, homegrown, Russian and French restaurant, lounge and terrace, opening on Thursday, the 31st of December, from 8.30pm onwards, and on New Year’s Day, the 1st of January, from 1pm onwards, at The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Born from a love of French and Russian cuisine, Matroshka pays the perfect tribute to two rich cultures – adored, admired and celebrated by many, across Dubai, the UAE, and the world.

The Best of Both Worlds

A fully licensed venue spanning two floors, Matroshka takes guests on a truly captivating culinary and social journey that offers up the best of both worlds. On the ground floor, guests will find the bistro, offering laid-back vibes, a relaxing lounge area, and a welcoming terrace – the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, where great food and drinks can be savoured daily with those who matter most.

Upon entering the first floor, guests will discover le Jardin, where their senses will be transported to the glitz and glamour of Russian and French interior from the early 20th century. Here, they can immerse themselves in a more intimate and elevated atmosphere in an open-floor restaurant, bar and lounge, with a terrace overlooking the fountains – the ideal setting to enjoy shisha out in the open air with a wonderful view.

New Year’s Eve

Matroshka is bringing enchantment and intrigue to its opening night with a truly unforgettable New Year’s Eve celebration, on Thursday, the 31st of December, from 8.30pm onwards. Guests are invited to indulge in a very special NYE Menu for AED 550 per person, while taking in the sights and sounds of the amazing fountain shows and The Palm Jumeirah’s famous firework displays, as a live DJ makes it a night to remember.

Matroshka’s NYE Menu includes extravagant dips such as the Eggplant Caviar with Focaccia, followed by decadent starters like the Tuna Tartare and a recreation of the famous Russian Olivier Salad fused with an exquisite French touch of Salmon and Caviar that is sure to amaze the appetite. A must-have Matroshka signature is their luxurious and sophisticated rendition of traditional Russian treat, the Blini. A unique delight in the culinary world, the down to earth Blini is a rare gem in the fine dining scene, with toppings of splendid and sumptuous ingredients including Caviar and Cream Fraiche – an indulgent and celebratory dish perfect for the new year.

For the main course, guests will be spoilt for choice; from delicious classic French specialties like the Magret Duck Breast with Berries & Baked Beets and the Filet Mignon with Foie Gras & Spinach to renowned dishes, reputedly known as ‘the heart of Russian cuisine’, the Imperial Pelmeni with Salmon and Chilean Seabass. Guests are sure to find true comfort food fit for the special occasion.

French & Russian Cuisine, Reimagined

Matroshka effortlessly blends flavours, memories and history to unite the two rich culinary cultures of Russia and France in the multi-cultural haven of Dubai. A home away from home for dining, drinking and endless enjoyment, Matroshka is the beginning of a new era in the City of Lights, where the very best of French and Russian cuisines, cultures and artistry are brought together to be experienced and adored by people of all cultures.

Guests can look forward to indulging in a carefully curated menu of French and Russian classics, reimagined with the finest ingredients. Matroshka will serve Blini with Caviar, Kiev Kotlet, Foie Gras, Wagyu Rib Eye, and much more – comfort food fit for the most special occasions, in addition to Italian cheese dishes like Focaccia with Burrata and Stracciatella Salad.

A Beautiful Union of Culinary & Artistic Cultures

Matroshka draws its inspiration from the monarchy days and Impressionist era during Imperial Russia back in the 1700s, when Peter the Great and Catherine II were very much influenced by the French philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment, as well as the fashion, architecture, and dining habits of the time. St. Petersburg in Russia is known as ‘Russia’s French City’ and visually epitomises all of what France had to offer back in the days of Versailles, which, has consequently inspired the look and feel of Matroshka.

Matroshka also pays homage to the Russian diaspora of the early 1900s, nearly one million of whom left Russia and settled in France, mainly in the South and Paris. The Russian community developed in the 8th and 16th arrondissements and a hub of intellectual and artistic expansion began from the 1920s onwards, which is encapsulated in Matroshka’s aesthetics and ambience. Moreover, the Art Nouveau movement was prominent during that time and Matryoshka dolls – the inspiration behind the Matroshka Bistro & Jardin name – were also introduced to the world in 1900 at the Paris Exposition Universalle (World Expo).

An Idyllic Setting

A visually stimulating venue that excites and delights the senses, Matroshka’s stunningly opulent interiors take inspiration from the elaborate and decorative style of Imperial Russia, along with touches of French flair from the days of Versailles. The ground floor, or Bistro as it is known, offers tones of red, while decorative highlights include screens with patterns of traditional Russian folklore. To create a wonderfully warm ambiance, specially crafted shelves appear throughout the bistro, displaying much loved Matryoshkas – making it an Instagrammer’s dream of a setting.

The first floor is home to more luxurious and intimidate surroundings, which are perfect for romantic dinners, special occasions, and celebrations, or those evenings when guests feel like living life to the full. Light walls, crystal chandeliers, and arched partitions create an unmistakable sense of grandeur, as seen in the Russian and French interior design of the early 1900s. Both floors feature open and spacious terraces with breath-taking views of the largest fountain in the world and some of The Palm Jumeirah’s most iconic landmarks.

New Year’s Eve at Matroshka Bistro & Jardin

31st December, from 8.30pm ‘til late

AED 550 per person (alcohol charged per consumption)

Package includes

  • NYE Menu of breads & dips, starters, main courses, & desserts
  • Extras also available
  • Live entertainment: DJ
  • Indoor dining and terrace options available (reservation required)

Matroshka will also be open on New Year’s Day, from 1pm, offering guests a special festive a-la-carte menu

Matroshka Bistro & Jardin Opening Hours:

Bistro: daily from 5pm until midnight | Le Jardin: daily from 5pm to 1am