Himalaya unveils ‘Face of Change’ campaign to encourage young women and endorse change

Dubai, United Arab Emirates,  (AETOSWire): Known as the herbal expert in the beauty industry, Himalaya, unveils a regional campaign that seeks to inspire young women to fearlessly chase their dreams and passions.

Dubbed Face of Change, the campaign reiterates the brand’s core message that having beautiful healthy skin gives a person the strong sense of confidence they need, to take on any challenges in life.

Himalaya unveils ‘Face of Change’ campaign to encourage young women and endorse change

“It is a known fact that pimples is a common fear faced by most teenagers and can often also affect their careers. Being one of the oldest brands advocating the use of safe and natural skincare products, Himalaya has always strived to create high-quality, gentle products that would instill an unparalleled confidence amongst young women to face the world,” said Abhish Chandok, general manager, Himalaya.

The campaign further reinforces that pimples should not stop women from achieving their goals. As part of the campaign, women across the region will be exposed to the benefits of Himalaya’s star product the Neem Facewash, which they can incorporate in their daily beauty regimes to help them keep pimples at bay.

The Face of Change campaign has partnered with the Lebanese Superstar singer, dancer, actress and entertainer Myriam Fares to do a TV commercial promoting the brand’s most popular product the Purifying Neem Face Wash. “Myriam’s popularity amongst the young women across the region makes her an apt choice for this campaign. Moreover her confidence, success and achievements are inspirational and in line with the campaigns message,” said Abhish. The film takes advantage of her hit single ‘Goumi’. The song is integrated into the commercial and places Myriam in various modern day contexts that the youth today find relatable.

 “I am delighted to be partnering with Himalaya’s Neem Face Wash to reach out to young women in the region and to encourage them to chase their dreams no matter what. The face is a woman’s most important part of the body. If her skin looks good, her confidence and productivity is also enhanced,” said Myriam.

The campaign is driven by a growing need to inspire young women to realize their dreams and aspirations. Women have for a very long time faced numerous obstacles in their respective careers and only a handful of them have been able to overcome these challenges and lived to tell their stories. This campaign is mooted to recognize such women and to also encourage other young women to succeed in whatever they are doing.

The Face of Change campaign is set to run across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, and Pakistan. The GCC campaign will run from end of January’21 to mid-March’ 21 while the second leg of the campaign is scheduled to run from end of May to mid-July 2021.

The campaign will include a series of television commercials, digital activations and meetups.