HomeGenie launches water-based titanium nano-technology

powered sanitisation service to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus in the UAE

More than 250 service professionals vetted by HomeGenie are ready to offer sanitisation services with revolutionary disinfectants that make surfaces completely safe from viruses including coronavirus. Customers can book the services through a toll-free number, website or mobile application.

HomeGenie Services, a Dubai-based technology company, is upgrading its sanitisation services by adding groundbreaking water-based titanium nano-technology disinfectant from CleanShieldX to offer its customers surface protection from 99.99 percent virus and bacteria for at least 30 days.

Coronavirus has claimed more than 2.39 million lives across the world and infected more than 108 million, causing economic losses to the tune of US$3.5 trillion last year and poised to have a US$8.5 trillion impact in the next two years.

Other than wearing masks, and maintaining social distance, regular sanitisation of hands and facilities have proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the infection rate as well as save valuable lives. The only challenge in sanitisation is that it needs to be done repeatedly to ensure continuous protection.

HomeGenie (www.homegenie.com), a leading Home Services provider based in Dubai has carefully identified CleanshieldX (www.cleanshieldx.com) , from over 20 disinfectant brands, as a valuable partner to offer sanitisation service, to its customers, with an option to use a groundbreaking disinfectant CovX that remains effective on surfaces for at least 30 days. CleanshieldXs’ CovX disinfectant solution conforms to prescribed guidelines from the local laboratories and authorities in the UAE and the United States. CovX disinfectant solution used in the sanitisation services is completely safe, environment-friendly and do not have any harmful side effects on humans and animals.

“In line with the vision of HomeGenie, we are constantly looking for ways to “make HomeServices simple, reliable and affordable’ for our customers and a partnership with CleanShieldX is a testimony to keeping that promise,”Doven Suarez, Head of Customer Experience at HomeGenie Services.

As per the technical guidelines offered by Dubai Municipality (DM), HomeGenie sanitisation service includes: a thorough wiping of all high touch surfaces in your  living room bathrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens including floors, countertops, door knobs, window handles, light switches, etc; followed by fogging of the entire facility with CoVx solution using specialised machines; The entire service is executed by trained and certified experts equipped with the right PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to ensure everyone’s safety.

Customers can now call the toll-free number 800 443643 (HGENIE), visit www.homegenie.com or download the HomeGenie iOS and Android mobile application on their mobile phones, signup and book the sanitisation services. One of the trained and certified experts will respond and visit to disinfect the premises at a time convenient with the customer.

With the rising COVID-19 cases, a continuous focus on adopting emerging best guidelines, practices and technologies to improve cleanliness, hygiene, health will not only help reduce further spread of the COVID-19 but also help us get back to homes, offices, labour camps and public places like shopping malls, cinema complexes, hotel, etc. with more confidence.

About HomeGenie

Launched in 2016, within an aim to fix the highly fragmented home maintenance services industry with the adoption of latest technology, HomeGenie is now a UAE based technology company enabling over 200+ home services to customers in Dubai.

With access to over 250+ verified and certified service provider staff who are available round the clock, HomeGenie can help you with anything from plumbing, masonry, carpentry works, glasswork, pool cleaning, air-conditioning, cleaning, gardening, pest control, upholstery, polishing, handyman, painting, repairing home appliances to electronic gadgets.

HomeGenie has truly brought all home maintenance and other related services to consumers’ finger-tips through a mobile app, however, with an option to call or book a service through the website.

Home maintenance industry has existed from time immemorial. But this important service sector still suffers from big process gaps, low technology adoption rates and poor service innovation levels. With the way the world is changing and demanding more for less, a radical change in the end-to-end service experience across our daily service needs such as transportation, grocery delivery, banking etc. has already arrived. It is only obvious that the opportunity to set ‘new ways of working’ in the home maintenance services industry is needed.

We believe that home maintenance experience should be made simple, reliable and affordable right from booking a professional to paying electronically without the customer facing any availability issues.

At HomeGenie, we have brought together a highly experienced team of maintenance, commercial, marketing (both digital and traditional) and technology professionals. with extensive local and global experience. All with a single objective of positively disrupting the home maintenance industry.

We are working hard to build a trusted on-demand one-stop home maintenance services destination within your city so you don’t have to look anywhere else. By continuously challenging the status quo and seeking new ways to push boundaries, we want to do our bit to take some hassle away from your daily life.

Book a HomeGenie service and give us an opportunity to delight you!

About CleanShiedX

CleanShieldX (www.cleanshieldx.com) is a pioneer and industry leader in the production and distribution of disinfecting nanotechnology products. They offer a powerful high-grade disinfection service that kills and prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses,  including Coronavirus, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.