Dolphin Marine Group successfully expands in Djibouti despite the pandemic

Specialising in maritime safety, the company will leverage its expertise in the field to provide world-class inspection, repair and maintenance services of boat appliances and equipment

 Dolphin Marine Group, a leader in maritime safety equipment and services, has opened its new office in Djibouti, after successfully capturing markets in Egypt and Dubai. This move was made despite the COVID-19 pandemic that impacted the global marine industry and led to an economic downturn.

The new office in Djibouti will be a one-stop-shop, providing an array of safety and inspection services. The company will carry out works including inspection of Life-Saving Appliances (LSA), safety equipment, and Fire Fighting Equipment (FFE) onboard the boat. The new division will offer servicing, repair work, and maintenance of boat parts and provide replacement of damaged parts for all leading brands in the market. It will also offer additional services in the form of resuscitators, medical oxygen systems, foam concentrate analysis, and more, showcasing its vast offerings and solidifying its leading status in the industry.مجموعة “دولفين مارين” تتوسع في جيبوتي رغم تحديات الجائحة

Building on key strengths

Having been in the maritime safety equipment and services market for over four decades, the company has continually stressed on the importance of boat servicing, repair work and maintenance. The safety and security of their clients has been their top priority. Their top-notch services have helped them gain significant projects from key players in the industry. With the new branch, the company hopes to utilize Djibouti’s strategic location at the crossroads of one of the busiest shipping routes in the world, linking Europe, the Far East, the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Gulf.

Commenting on this milestone, Eng. Hussein El Bagouri, Managing Director of Dolphin Marine Group emphasized: “We have a long legacy of working in the industry and are known for ensuring that safety is not compromised. This is why, we invest heavily in being able to offer outstanding inspection services when it comes to life-saving appliances, safety equipment, and firefighting equipment on board. Our emphasis on having a safe experience at sea and the unparalleled and reliable services we offer give us an edge over our competitors. This approach has enabled us to maintain growth, sustain our operations and complete this expansion even during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Offering a host of services

As part of their Life-Saving Appliances (LSA) services, the company will initiate examination of lifeboats, rescue boats, davits and winches, immersion suits, rescue equipment, life jackets, and medical oxygen systems. In terms of safety equipment, the expert team at Dolphin Marine will conduct servicing and repair works of Breathing Air Apparatus (SCBA), Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD), breathing air cylinders, firemen’s outfits, and will also test air quality by analysing breathing air compressors. Moreover, the company will survey and carry out maintenance works of Fire Fighting Equipment (FFE) as well by testing CO2 high-and-low-pressure systems, galley systems, wet chemical systems, paint locker systems, and foam systems.

El Bagouri explained, “The new branch will not only continue to perform periodic inspection of LSAs, safety equipment, and FFEs, but will also provide services such as repair, maintenance, and replacement of damaged parts of the boats. In addition to maintenance work, we will also perform water analysis, portable and fixed gas detector calibration, and bilge alarm tests.”

About Dolphin Marine:

Over the years, Dolphin Marine has been a catalyst, enabling the transformation of the maritime industry with its specialized safety inspection and high-quality products. Since its inception in Alexandria, Egypt in 1977, the company has flourished by emphasizing quality, consistency and customer satisfaction.

This blueprint proved effective, allowing the company to expand outside of Egypt and establish a second branch in Dubai, UAE in 2012. Witnessing beyond satisfactory success, Dolphin Marine capitalized on the opportunity to further expand across the Middle East and Africa in 2020, when it launched Dolphin Marine Suez Canal Freezone back in its homeland Egypt.