Celebrating the Hindu festival of spring Dubai’s favourite modern Indian bistro is offering two

 Colour Me Happy style desserts, and new traditional Indian drinks

Adding a sweet bonus to this year’s Holi celebrations, to mark the festival of spring and celebrate new beginnings. Known around the world for its fun-filled ritual of paint-throwing creating technicolour results, the team are taking inspiration with a promotion called “Colour Me Happy” which includes a  complimentary festival sweet treat, as well a celebratory menu additions including a DIY Knickerbocker glory style dessert for kids and the introduction of three new traditional Indian drinks with a trademark Farzi twist.

Free Traditional Dessert Anyone?

The dessert will be a kheer or traditional Indian rice pudding sweetened with creamy milk, layered with fruit. Free for guests dining at either of Farzi Café’s city hot spots or for those ordering modern Indian comfort food at home – the Colour Me Happy dessert will be available all day on Sunday 28th and Monday 29th March.All HAIL HOLI AT FARZI CAFÉ THIS MARCH

Looking To Get Creative With The Kids ?

Available when dining in at Farzi Café across the two days of Holi and perfect for a family celebration Farzi have introduced a DIY style Knickerbocker glory ice cream to the menu. The dessert of childhood dreams, sure to be loved by children and adults’ alike families and friends can delight in assembling their own knickerbocker glory topping scoops of layered ice cream and wafers with an array of customary toppings from gummies, hard candies, dried and fresh fruits, to nuts and sprinkles.

Something to Drink?

Adding some extra colour to proceedings, the Farzi team have stirred up three classic sweet concoctions popular across India particularly during celebrations. Available from both Farzi Café locations and on delivery all day from Sunday 28th to Monday 29th March, three refreshing Thandai or flavoured milk blends will be served including a sunny yellow Kesar or saffron with crushed almond, vibrant pink rose, dried fruit and nuts flavour and a pistachio and cardamom green.

What is Holi?

Known as the festival of colours, all about new beginnings Holi is a Hindu festival that celebrates the arrival of spring, the end of winter, unshakable faith and purity of heart and intent. A joyous two-day event filled with fun on the first day of the festival, a bonfire is lit to symbolically burn away all the bad and give way to a vibrant new future. At the Holi Festival on the second day, friends, family and neighbours meet to celebrate throwing powder dye into the air, covering all in attendance with vibrant colours. The colours are rich with symbolism meaning a vibrant new life, open heart and for some, washing off the dye at the end of the day can mean new commitment to live well, as cleansing oneself of negativity. Holi will begin on Monday March 29th for 2021.All HAIL HOLI AT FARZI CAFÉ THIS MARCH

For more information on Farzi Café visit For reservations at City Walk 0526892012 and Mall of Emirates 0504075590

About Farzi Café

From the House of Jiggs Kalra – creators of acclaimed culinary destinations such as Masala Library by Jiggs Kalra, Pa Pa Ya Masala Bar and Made in Punjab – Farzi Café is best described as a gastronomic experience amalgamating traditional global cuisine with regional influences, local flavours, contemporary presentations, culinary styles and high energy ambiance. Incorporating the use of high quality, fresh ingredients, it offers a quirky, yet chic, European bistro style experience, for patrons to enjoy the finest of modern day cuisine, offering its adaptation of some iconic dishes from around the world. Farzi Café is now in 12 cities in India and with the launch in Dubai, London, Riyadh, Qatar and Kuwait, plus upcoming openings in Muscat, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Rome.

The two Dubai locations are Farzi Café Dubai City Walk Phase 2 and Farzi Café Mall of the Emirates located next to the cinema.