The success of a rare surgery at Zulekha Hospital

A 68-year-old UAE resident with two huge coronary aneurysms successfully treated at Zulekha Hospital

A 68-year-old Egyptian expat Mr. Nabil Kamal Masamir successfully underwent a complex and rare cardiac surgery at Zulekha Hospital – Dubai. Mr. Masamir was suffering from chest pain for over three months following the coronary angiography with insertion of one stent. The chest pain was causing a hindrance in carrying out simple day to day activities, and the pain would show-up even during rest. According to Dr. Yasser Menaissy – Consultant Cardiac Surgeon at Zulekha Hospital Dubai, Mr. Masamir’s heart contractility which was normal just three months ago, had decreased to 38%.

Dr. Menaissy said that Mr. Masamir’s case was a rare complication resulting from coronary angiography, and the only option was conducting surgery. He had two huge coronary artery aneurysms in the Left main and circumflex arteries. The possible complications of those two huge aneurysms are rupture or thrombosis and myocardial infarction. Dr. Menaissy says that it is an extremely rare complication accounting for less than 0.1 % of all coronary angiography cases.

Dr. Menaissy along with his expert clinical team and nursing staff conducted a remarkable coronary bypass surgery for three heart vessels to control the patient’s two huge coronary artery aneurysms. The surgery went on for six hours.نجاح عملية جراحية نادرة بمستشفى زليخة

The surgery is considered a remarkable achievement due to the extremely rarity of the case. The cases with huge left main coronary artery aneurysm to have undergone surgery are only 10 world-wide, as published in the literature. And this surgery at Zulekha Hospital is the only case that is confirmed Iatrogenic – caused by a complication from the coronary angiography catheter.

Dr. Menaissy confirmed that the surgery was successful, and Mr. Masamir is doing well. He was discharged 6 days after the surgery and made a full recovery in 3 weeks. Mr. Masamir is back to his normal activities, including a 2-kilometer walk without any discomfort or complaints.

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