• Application opens 21 March and closes 3 April for high-performing Emirati Grade 12 / Year 13 students and undergraduates aged 24 and under
  • Students accepted at the world’s top 20 universities are eligible for a fast-track scholarship application process
  • Outstanding Abu Dhabi scholars to receive end-to-end academic, career and personal development guidance in-line with the emirate’s future labor market needs

 The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) announced opening application for the Abu Dhabi Scholarships for Distinguished Students – a premier program for Abu Dhabi’s outstanding Emirati students designed to meet priority labor market needs.

Applications are being accepted online between 21 March and 3 April for high-performing Emirati Grade 12 / Year 13 students and undergraduates aged 24 and under with offer letters to study any of the priority majors identified at the world’s top 150 universities.

The Abu Dhabi Scholarships for Distinguished Students program aims to assist high performing nationals – who have achieved top school or university scores – attain their academic potential and put their learning and experience to use in aiding the development of the emirate’s economic and societal goals. Students accepted to any of the world’s top 20 universities are eligible for the fast-track scholarship option. With online applications being accepted over the next two weeks, eligible applicants will undergo psychometric assessments and panel interviews as part of the selection process.فتح باب تقديم الطلبات لبرنامج بعثات أبوظبي للطلبة المتميزين

Successful applicants, who can benefit from a range of financial as well as long-term career development support must be studying majors aligned to the Abu Dhabi government’s priority sectors, including agriculture, forestry, fisheries and veterinary; business administration and law; engineering, manufacturing and construction; information and communication technologies; natural sciences, mathematics and statistics, health and welfare, as well as social and behavioural sciences.

“Our future generations will live in a very different world and it is essential that we prepare them for it. The Abu Dhabi Scholarships program aims to equip future leaders and change-makers with the knowledge, support and real-world skills required to keep Abu Dhabi ahead of the change curve and meet our aspirations and goals,” said Samar Al Mansoori, Executive Director, Higher Education Sector.

“Through the support of expert academic advisors and counsellors, our scholars have access to first-class career guidance, pathways, networking, and mentorship and internship opportunities, providing them with every advantage they need to succeed.”

The consultation services that students will receive cover five main pillars – social wellbeing, academic guidance, career guidance, alumni service, and job opportunity. The career guidance given will be in-line with the UAE’s human capital needs to ensure the scholars meet the requirements of a future ready workforce, as per Abu Dhabi’s wider strategic plan for a knowledge-based economy.

Successful scholars will be expected to study at any of the program’s 150 listed universities across the Middle East, Far East, Europe, Scandinavia, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and USA. Scholars will qualify for a range of benefits including tuition fees and book allowances, health insurance, travel costs, a monthly stipend including housing allowance and a bonus for high performers.

About Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK)

The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) is the Education Sector regulator across the Emirate. It oversees and provides services throughout a learner’s journey from early education to university and beyond. It also champions inclusivity for People of Determination in the mainstream schooling system and by providing specialized schools.

Across Early Childhood and K-12, ADEK licenses and regulates nurseries and private schools in Abu Dhabi while also legislating, mandating and managing its own Charter Schools and two schools for People of Determination.

ADEK also annually provides distinguished Abu Dhabi students with full scholarships and support to study at the best universities around the world. In addition, the Department audits and enhances the delivery of Higher Education in Abu Dhabi, attracting Higher Education Institutions to open the required programs or schools that serve Abu Dhabi’s needs while championing a student and faculty-friendly ecosystem in the Emirate.

With a vision to Empower Education, Empower Minds, Empower the Future, ADEK recognizes that every learner is different, and a diversity of teaching methods are essential for students to succeed. To that effect, ADEK partners with stakeholders to enable a great education system to flourish in Abu Dhabi and nurture future-ready graduates who have the 21st century skills required to sustain and carry forward Abu Dhabi’s vision.