Rizek Becomes the First App in the World to Make at-home COVID-19 Vaccinations a Reality

In alignment with the ambitious drive of the UAE to present premier and global services for citizens and residents alike, Rizek, one of the fastest-growing Abu Dhabi-based start-ups, and the first ‘super app’ for on-demand home services in the country, has made what was once a far-fetched dream a reality, as the startup proudly announces that it is now the first app in the world to provide at-home COVID-19 vaccinations.

Abdallah Abu Sheikh, founder and chief executive officer of Rizek, said: “Since our inception, we have been continuously raising the bar of customer-centric services, achieving several milestones over the past year alone that culminated into Rizek becoming the only app in the world to offer at-home COVID-19 vaccinations. This is an initiative that could not have been realised without the fundamental support that the UAE government and its leadership offer to everyone.”ارفع تاني

From the onset of the pandemic, Rizek has been instrumental in providing its customers with the utmost in convenient healthcare. Offering at-home COVID-19 vaccines consolidates the app’s trustworthiness and reliability as an innovative app that is fundamental in healthcare, and whose ambitions and vision are set towards the future, with the people being at the heart of its mission.

Rizek is actively working with labs, nurses, and healthcare personnel across the UAE to assist in limiting and stopping the spread of COVID-19. The company will activate, PCR tests, antibodies and vaccines as well as bring the vaccine to users’ doorsteps, emphasising their well-being and presenting them with the utmost in safe and convenient patient care.

About Rizek

Founded in 2019 by Abdallah Abu-Sheikh, a seasoned entrepreneur from Amman, Rizek is a super app for on demand services that directly connects users to service professionals from a wide range of industries, thereby enabling better and more efficient relationships between them. Through transforming the way services are rendered, Rizek is strengthening the service sector in the region, with a focus on improving service quality and increasing job opportunities.