Hotel Cartagena Celebrates Ramadan   With Latin American Infused Iftar

Marking the holiest month of the year, Hotel Cartagena is serving up an Iftar feast like no other this Ramadan. Blending that distinctive Latin American flair Hotel Cartagena is known for and infusing with traditional Arabian flavours, the decadent dining experience is set to become the Iftar of the season.

Curated by the ever-present proprietor Mrs B, who has celebrated many a Ramadan in her time, Hotel Cartagena’s exclusive Iftar menu will feature a show-stopping roster of Latin-American-Arabic fusion bites to share across starters, mains, sides and dessert, along with two Ramadan freshly pressed in house juices and dates.

Highlights include calabaza, black bean and avocado hummus blended with za’atar; a rich soup of lentil and chicken chorizo served with a lime crème fraiche; golden mushroom and cheese empanadas like mamacita used to make; juicy lamb chops chargrilled to perfection served with a glazed rocoto puree and plantain fried rice. مطعم هوتيل كارتاخينا يستقبل الشهر الفضيل

To end Iftar on a traditionally sweet note, the team has created a spectacular cage of swoon-worthy desserts – from the classic Mexican tres leches and crisp-edged buñuelos laced with chilli and chocolate to a refreshing pineapple ice box cake, zingy key lime pie and feather-light profiteroles stuffed with melt in your mouth dolce de leche. The full a la carte menu will also be available for those that want to go off piste with their Hotel Cartagena culinary expedition.

This unforgettable Iftar feast will take place from 12th April to the 12th May every day from sunset to 8:30pm atop the JW Marriott Marquis with 360-degree views of the city and the dazzling Burj Khalifa. Once stepping out of the Black Panther, Hotel Cartagena’s private elevator, diners will enter an exuberant urban jungle complete with oversized birdcages, towering tropical plants, hanging lanterns and decorative trinkets left behind by esteemed hotel guests.


Hotel Cartagena restaurant and lounge unfolds the tale of its protagonist, Mrs Buendia. This eclectic bohemian paradise is a shrine to all those who have lived, loved and dined within its four walls and provides every guest with the promise of a reprise from the chaos of the world we live in today. So sit back. Meet, eat, drink, entertain and relax as we take care of you in every way.