Homegrown Gelato Brand Launched in UAE Pedalo Gelato is Authentic Italian Gelato Crafted with Love in Dubai for Dubai

It is exciting, it is delicious, and it is genuine happiness in a cup. Pedalo Gelato, authentic Italian gelato crafted with love in Dubai for Dubai is now available for purchase on all major delivery platforms including Deliveroo, Talabat, Zomato and Careem.

Whether it’s to add the chill to a weekend of Netflix, an intimate family gathering, just to cool off on a warm day or a delightful Mother’s Day treat, order some gelato and make any occasion extra special with Pedalo.

Founded by Dubai’s answer to Ben and Jerry’s, Vikas Attri and Enrico Clementi, the new brand promises all the classic gelato flavors including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and pistachio and also unique tastebud experiences through their signature flavors, some inspired by the region they call home, including desert rose (vanilla and rose water), majlis (dates and gahwa) and banana cheesecake. Seasonal flavors will also be launched regularly.

“Gelato doesn’t need an occasion, it is loved by old and young and here in the UAE, it is a treat that can be enjoyed year-round,” says Attri, who has worked with some of the biggest F+B brands in the world including McDonalds and Papa John’s.طرح علامة البوظة المحلية “بيدالو جيلاتو” في الإمارات

“Our superb quality Pedalo gelato is particularly special because we make it from scratch with the finest authentic flavors from Italy. Add to that our passion as seasoned professionals, the creativity of the flavors and the playfulness of our offering and you have a winning combination.”

Elaborating on the taste, he adds that Pedalo gelato tastes a little different to conventional ice cream because it contains less air than regular ice cream, so it is intensely flavorful and has a smooth, velvety texture.

You can order Pedalo gelato on all major delivery apps with Pedalo carts and vans coming soon to your favorite venue or event. According to the founders, these will be strategically positioned to ensure maximum presence and market penetration with prompt and reliable service a given.

“Our Pedalo carts reflect the fun, playful nature of our brand. From the packaging to the flavors, everything about Pedalo is designed to be cheerful, splashed with color and so friendly in appearance that the urge to indulge is irresistible,” added Enrico Clementi, another industry stalwart with more than 20 years of experience consulting on numerous F+B projects.

“A recent study showed that gelato consumption went up in Italy soon after the lockdown which really doesn’t surprise me. Gelato makes people feel better about themselves and the world around them and we are excited to bring that spoonful of happiness straight from Italy to our fun, fabulous facility here in Dubai and right to your door,” he added.