Both local and international artists alike enjoy major sales across all four days

Held under stringent health & safety measures success of the four-day event underlines the Emirate’s burgeoning art scene

The seventh edition of World Art Dubai, the region’s most accessible and affordable retail art fair has concluded following a hugely successful four days of sales and participation at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

The show saw 250+ artists and galleries unite from 27 countries, to display more than 2,000 pieces of art, across a range of mediums including canvas, sculptures, street and digital art, among many more. Running under the theme ‘discovering new perspectives’, World Art Dubai brought together both local and international artists and visitors for an incredible exchange of artistic knowledge, experience and passion.

Enjoying success, Jihan C saw significant sales over the first three days topping 30 pieces but cites the exposure she gets from the event equally as important; “I participated last year as well, and both editions have been very successful. For me, it is not only the sales that are important it is the exposure that World Art Dubai brings which is just as crucial. In terms of sales, I’ve sold a range of pieces and items which are small bookmarks, tabletop sculptures up to large wall art displays – in general it has been successful and by the end of day three I managed to sell up to 30 pieces. People are loving my work from all around the world, with most of the feedback saying it is unique, exclusive and luxurious.

And the most important part for me is sending the right message to preserve the history and architecture, so that people can connect and bridge cultures together. World Art Dubai is a very good platform for us as we get to meet more artists because we don’t get the chance to move around. Also, it is not only a place to sell but it’s a place for someone to come and find that special piece of art which may spur inspiration.”

World Art Dubai rolled out stringent health & safety measures to ensure the wellbeing of all its visitors and exhibitors. The success of the four-day event underlines the Emirate’s burgeoning art scene, providing a key platform for the art community to flourish.

Mouza Al Mansoori, an Emirati abstract artist hailing from Abu Dhabi, has also found success at this year’s edition. Speaking on the final day, Al Mansoori sees the event as the perfect platform to gain exposure and build self-confidence as an artist: “This was a very successful edition of World Art Dubai for us because it has been more about building both exposure and my self-confidence to showcase my art than it is about selling the pieces. It is also a really good way to engage with other artists and see what brilliant creations are being made. So far over the first three days we have sold around 15 pieces which is fantastic.

The visitor reaction to our art has been mostly fascination – our art is small, so you have to get up close to appreciate it and once they do, they discover little intricacies in the paintings which is always great to see.

World Art Dubai’s range of new and returning features also proved hugely popular with visiting art enthusiasts. Among them, Urban Art DXB, a collective of street artists drew attention with their live jam battles and work that included prints, canvases drawings and more. Curated by Louis Wright, owner of Vandalist Art, Dubai street art specialists, the zone welcomed artists including Satwa 3000, Maajed Ahmed, George Rollo and more.

Shiba Khan, Founder of Funun Arts Gallery, has been attending World Art Dubai since 2016 and has grown the gallery’s presence from just one stand to four stands in 2021; “For Funun Arts, every year at World Art Dubai we are growing. All of our artists are very happy and have been able to showcase and sell the wide variety of pieces the gallery offers. As a platform the event is wonderful – for artists they get maximum exposure and are able to define who they really are to the local and international community,” said Khan.

Taking part for the fourth time, award winning Russian contemporary artist Julia Smolenkova sold 15 pieces over the course of the event; “I love World Art Dubai. This exhibition is a great opportunity for artists to meet their collectors, and for collectors to find the art that they like. I am happy to announce that I sold 15 pieces this edition, which is my fourth participation, and must say that the World Art Dubai team is building a wonderful and very positive international art community.

World Art Dubai is an important art platform on the UAE’s art stage. A collector can buy several pieces by a young artist who is only at the beginning of their path and career, which is a great investment and artists get the opportunity to present their art to a large international audience.”

Live performances and workshops

A number of live performances have kept visitors entertained throughout the four-day fair, including a live car doodle by Sijin Gopinathon who transformed a Mini Cooper into a masterpiece, Rangoli art by Prachi Sharma, live spray painting by street artist Dina Saadi, art made entirely out of coffee by Raha Coffee Art, and live music demonstrations from Melodica Dubai, the music and dance institute.

“It’s my first time at World Art Dubai and the experience in performing live has been excellent,” said Prachi Sharma, Rangoli artist. “The feedback from the audience has been wonderful, people really can’t believe that my work is made from Rangoli –  a form of powdered art. World Art Dubai has been amazing – I really feel alive!”

Workshops offered both professionals and amateurs across all ages an opportunity to expand their skills, with some of the most popular sessions including Nikon’s capturing landscapes, flower crowns with Russian artist, Valentina Alexeevna, and painting classes for kids with Leena Kewlani.

Mahmood Safwat, an artist from Egypt, was also on hand to provide 10-minute caricatures, for free for visitors of the event.

The show has also drawn further visitors in with its expanded digital art area, which features a display by Theatre of Digital Art which takes viewers on a breath-taking digital journey that combines high-end technologies with classical art and visual effects, Inkopia’s VR printing device to offer takeaway magnets, as well as Samsung’s stunning digital art display.

Al NORN also made a successful regional debut, the robot art uses artificial intelligence to analyse and recreate photographs into stunning paintings.

World Art Dubai, the region’s most accessible and affordable retail art fair ran from 7-10 April and is expected to make its return for a special edition in November this year.

About World Art Dubai: A unique fusion of art, education and entertainment, World Art Dubai is an affordable and accessible, four-day art fair concept designed to unite global artists with Dubai’s international community.

About Dubai World Trade Centre: World Art Dubai is professionally managed by Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), which provides more than 40 years’ experience, unmatched expertise and in-depth market knowledge in delivering world-class events featuring local, regional and international exhibitors in the Middle East.