FLORALS, FOR SPRING? ستمنحك جرعة من الألوان المنعشة مع إينيزا


Ineza welcomes the most revitalizing season with their new Spring Florals Campaign entitled Time Flies

There’s no denying that florals and spring go together like Mickey and Minnie. The most refreshing season ushers in a new beginning that is always welcome. This is why Ineza celebrates this season with a very special range entitled Time Flies. Ineza’s latest campaign focuses on snapshots of time that quantify the milestones we keep in our hearts all year round.

The new collection comprises of stunning fresh sunflowers and hydrangea, featuring hues of daisies which are synonymous of many lifetime memories. Time Flies is a splendid arrangement that serves as a tribute to all that we have been through and have yet to experience as the seasons change.

Featuring a vibrant color palette, the arrangement carries bright and popping sunflowers in picturesque elegant white vases depicting an adult and a child that undeniably speak to one other in emotions signifying that though we may age, we continue to blossom. Intricately set with matching quintessential spring florals, gorgeous hydrangeas and daisies giving it an elegant yet classic look and feel.

Ineza’s approach on the dynamic arrangement is centered on the idea that no matter how much time has passed, a new season welcomes brand new enthusiasm for life. The blooming spring flowers are the focal point of the arrangement while the sunflowers, signify admiration and positivity. The promise of spring’s arrival inspires us to get through the winter.تنسيقات بأجمل أزهار الربيع تنسيقات مبتكرة

Ideated and creatively led by the co-founders themselves, the brand celebrates impactful moments in one’s life through bespoke décor styling and installations, Ineza continues to reinvent and create exclusive arrangements that are truly remarkable in their own right.

A meaningful arrangement of blooms and balloons represents a timeless brilliance to remind us that time flies and we must savour every moment we have.

About Ineza:

Founded in January 2020, Ineza is the brainchild of two female founders offering bespoke luxury décor styling services. Ineza, is a hybrid of the founders’ names and as the Greek mythology represents the meaning of purity while the African derivation is gift and kindness. The inception of the brand took place when the founders, Geraldine Beacon and Zahra Jaffery, observed a gap in the UAE market offering bespoke décor solutions. Centered around principles of innovation and creativity, the founders believed in the idea of artful décor such as floral arrangements and balloon displays enhancing a space, along with also being a perfect ‘cheer-me-up’ gift for loved ones.  With the ladies corporate and agency backgrounds, they felt perfectly placed to develop a bespoke concept that caters to both consumers as well as corporates in the region.