Viking Bageri and Jetlagged Chef join KRUSH Brands’ Family of local Foodpreneurs

KRUSH Brands is proud to announce joint ventures with Viking Bageri and Jetlagged Chef, the latest exciting additions to KRUSH Brands’ founder-first, pro-foodpreneur strategy.

KRUSH Brands – the full-service, multi-kitchen, food technology, operating, restaurant, franchising, and last-mile delivery company – is proud to announce joint ventures with local hero brands Viking Bageri and Jetlagged Chef. After proudly welcoming Jet Lagged Chef and Viking Bageri on board, the KRUSH family now has six awesome brands. These include Freedom Pizza, Wildflower Poke & More, Coco Yogo Vegan Kitchen, and Salad Jar, on top of supply supply relationships we have with My Fruitful Day and Hapi Restaurant (local Chef Paul Frangie), as part of its financially and technologically efficient ecosystem that supports local restaurants and foodpreneurs.

Viking Bageri, founded by Magnus and Maria Ericson (affectionately known as Mr. and Mrs. Viking), has rapidly developed a cult-like following for its signature baguettes, naming Viking Bageri as one of the UAE’s top bakeries. Jetlagged Chef was founded by now healthy food, Chef Eliza Veitch who makes super healthy and delicious meal plans that promote healthy lifestyles. Both businesses have been fully embraced by the UAE and are overwhelmed by demand for their amazing products and service.

Ian Ohan, KRUSH Brands Founder & CEO, said, ‘KRUSH Brands is pro-restaurant and pro-foodpreneur. We leverage our ecosystem to create true & equitable partnerships with foodpreneurs that have amazing products, are fanatical about their customers and share our values of placing community and people at the heart of business. We are so excited to welcome Magnus, Maria and Eliza to the KRUSH Brands family, and we can’t wait for you to hear their stories and to make them and their products conveniently available to customers across the UAE and beyond. Our ecosystem enables customers to support the restaurants and F&B brands they love by ordering direct. Simply put, local is better, and ordering direct is better’.كروش براندز تعلن عن شراكة جديد مع علامتي

“By teaming up with KRUSH Brands, with their seamless in-house order to delivery service, it allows us to focus on making our product the best it can be and to grow our business in a way that is sustainable for Viking Bageri long-term, without sacrificing the quality and personal touch that our customers love and have come to expect,” said Magnus Ericsson (a.k.a the Viking), founder of Viking Bageri.

Jetlagged Chef Founder, Eliza Veitch, said, “Partnering with KRUSH aligns with my core personal and professional values and has allowed me to turn my dreams into a reality. Our partnership strengthened my mission and has allowed me to offer my customers an exceptional and unique meal prep service and already start to grow my business exponentially.”


KRUSH Brands has a proven, financially efficient business model that avoids wasteful, third-party marketplace, delivery, technology and multi-kitchen fees that can collectively amount to 30% to 50% of revenue. More importantly, unlike third-party platforms, the KRUSH Brands platform connects brands and their founders directly to customers and ensures the quality of the entire experience from food ordering to safe delivery from one of KRUSH Brands’ own professionally trained delivery drivers.

KRUSH Brands has an active customer-base of over 200,000 people (and counting), with 60% of all orders coming directly from its proprietary food technology platform. Partners are able to fully utilise KRUSH’s advanced proprietary digital ordering and technology, as well as its world-class operating, business and delivery platforms. This means all KRUSH Brands offer an average delivery time of just 23 minutes from a large fleet of professionally trained delivery drivers where safety and inclusion are prioritised. The KRUSH Brands ecosystem includes food technology, delivery, operations, restaurant kitchens, finance, human resources, business licensing, supply chain, operations, marketing and more.


KRUSH is committed to partnering with founders who want to lead and grow their businesses as part of a sustainable and long-term partnership with a full-service, healthy, multi-brand restaurant company that cares. This can be a restaurant concept or you simply have an awesome product that we can make available to customers through our digital and delivery platform. Are you fanatical about your customers? Do you have an amazing menu or product (or an idea for one)? Are you committed to enriching the lives of employees, the communities we operate in and customers? If you answered yes to these, then hit us up at

About KRUSH Brands

Founded in the UAE by entrepreneur, Ian Ohan, KRUSH Brands is a full-service, restaurant, multi-kitchen, food technology, operating, franchising and last-mile delivery company. All KRUSH Brands are Powered by Freedom – KRUSH Brands’ proprietary technology and delivery platform and its fleet of professional delivery drivers delivering fast, fresh and safe, every time. A smart alternative to the harmful and unprofitable third-party delivery ecosystem, KRUSH Brands has developed an efficient business model that allows great foodpreneurs to connect directly with customers and to grow their businesses in a fair and equitable way. KRUSH Brands owns and operates Freedom Pizza, Wildflower Poke & More, Coco Yogo Vegan Kitchen, Salad Jar and now has partnered with Viking Bageri and Jetlagged Chef. It also supports awesome local suppliers including My Fruitful Day, Hapi Restaurant, Skinny Genie and Greenheart Organic Farms. KRUSH Brands is made with love in the UAE.

About Viking Bageri

One Big Viking and the Ambition to bake the best baguette in Dubai. up in the Nordic region, the Viking’s father used to bake the most delicious variations of bread, but all he ever wanted was what his father never baked: baguettes. During the pandemic lockdown of spring 2020, the workload in the Viking’s 9-5 job was close to unbearable, and as therapy, he started to bake. After a while it became clear that he should concentrate on the one thing he never had during those early childhood years – crispy French baguettes. With a clear vision to bake the best baguettes in Dubai, the Viking set off on a journey. He approached baking from a scientific point of view; ingredients were measured to 1/10th of a gram, proofing times calculated depending on dough temperature, and the time in the oven would be precise to the second. The result?… Magic. Having first served friends and neighbours with his freshly made baguettes on weekends, demand and reputation increased, and now it’s our pleasure to offer you the chance to indulge in this quality homemade bread from Viking Bageri. Follow Viking Bageri on Instagram @vikingbageri.

About Jetlagged Chef

Jetlagged Chef is a passion meets COVID-19 story, after founder Eliza was furloughed  from her role in aviation, the founder Eliza began a simple Instagram account to share her recipes towards a healthy approach to cooking mixed with some family favourites. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Eliza’s love for all cuisines saw many of her friends try out and share her recipes. Her mission: to reinvent and bring positivity into meal prep. Focusing on fuelling the body rather than punishing or restricting. The portions are generous, the meals are colourful and the flavours are varied. Convenience and flexibility is a priority, with scannable barcodes on all of the meals which directly link to MyFitnessPal. Simply grab, scan and enjoy. Jetlagged Chef currently offers a weekly lunch and dinner plan for 575DHS. This includes 5 lunches and 5 dinners delivered fresh to any location in Dubai. Follow Viking Bageri on Instagram @jetlagged_chef.