du successfully provides IoT and 5G network coverage  at the President’s Cycling Cup in collaboration with UAE Cycling Federation

du empowered the event with technology in partnership with Huawei, providing viewers at home and those in attendance with access to next-generation solutions that bolstered their experiences

du, from Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has successfully concluded its involvement at this year’s President’s Cycling Cup. The telco partnered with the UAE Cycling Federation ahead of the annual event at the Al Qudra Cycling Track, serving as a golden sponsor while providing technological expertise and support. du’s advanced capabilities proved to be an invaluable component of the national cycling showpiece, effectively empowering the event with technology. The provision of IoT and 5G network coverage in partnership with Huawei showcased how these technologies are linked together, providing fascinating insights into the role they will play in the local community.

Fahad Al Hassawi, Acting CEO, du, said: “Accelerating technological transformation for the benefit of our communities is an enduring commitment that guides every operational activity at du. Sustainable thinking and harnessing creativity are principles that allow us not only to innovate, but also deliver newfound value to every resident, business, and sector through our resources, expertise, and infrastructure. Throughout the public domain, it is apparent that 5G technologies are driving the future of sports, which is integral for a healthy and happy society. As such, the opportunity to collaborate with the UAE Cycling Federation and bring new meaning to such a unique event through IoT and 5G network coverage was something that the du family was honored to accept. The event enabled us to propel the national sports segment into a new chapter with the great assistance from our partners, and we look forward to playing an important role in the sector for many years to come.”

As a result of du’s IoT and 5G network coverage with Huawei’s support, the telco also provided a unique showcase for the President’s Cycling Cup. First was a state-of-the-art VR 360 Live solution, which enabled users to home to enjoy an immersive experience of the race venue, or watch event live either with a 360-view of the landscape or  through social media channels including Facebook and YouTube. The VR devices were also available for selected dignitaries at the event, so they too could benefit from the same without needing to move place. Second was an automated self-driving vending machine that toured the event space, allowing race members and the audience to receive free supplements through a QR code.

Across the UAE, 5G is fueling a passion for sports like never before, enabling newer innovative experiences for spectators and providing immersive experiences to viewers at home as though they are at venues live and in-person. With faster connectivity, lower latency, and greater capacity, IoT devices can communicate and share data faster than ever backed by 5G power, providing efficiency and reliability during every data transition phase. du combined these factors through its technologies at the President’s Cycling Cup, upholding its corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments to contribute to significant social, cultural, and sporting events in line with the National Agenda.

About du

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