Zayed University Partners With IBM, Microsoft And SAP University to Boost Student Creativity and Employability

NextGen Center Connects students with Industry Leaders for free training opportunity and future Jobs in the Local Market

Zayed University Partners With IBM, Microsoft And SAP University to Boost Student Creativity and Employability

A state-of-the-art innovation workspace ‘The NextGen Center’ was recently inaugurated by H.E. Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Youth, President of Zayed University (ZU), at the ZU Campus in Dubai. The Center aims to provide students the opportunity to connect and co-innovate with global industry leaders.

Based on a partnership agreement with many companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP , NextGen Center, which will be fully operated by the ZU College of Technological Innovation, aims to connect students and faculty with industry leaders to develop new technology innovations, receive free training sessions, and obtain the opportunity to land a future career in a leading high-tech company. The center aims to push the University’s main objectives in reaching the UAE’s strategic priorities as well as the 17 UN sustainable development Global Goals.

The University held the hybrid ceremony (on campus and virtually), which hosted attendees and was attended by H.E. Saeed Sultan Al Dhaheri, Board member of the Zayed University Council, Dr. Khalid Mohammed Al Khazraji, Zayed University Vice-President, Professor Clayton Mackenzie, ZU Provost, as well as top administrators, faculty members, and students.جامعة زايد تفتح مركز تكنولوجيا الجيل القادم

H.E Noura Al Kaabi, said: “The newly launched Center is a beacon of inspiration that connects the young minds of our academic community with industry leaders and unlocks future possibilities for them. Zayed University acknowledges the need to continuously evolve and embrace the ever-changing conditions of a fast-paced and challenging world.”

Dr. Khalid Al Khazraji, said: “ZU students are given opportunity to move forward with their professional and academic development in the field of technology and innovation, and raises their employability value even further. This is a great chance for the University to serve as a crucial enabler to the UAE’s innovation eco-system. Zayed University is committed to serving the innovation sector by extending our collaborations and partnerships, through initiatives such as NextGen where we will be able to see the impact of developing opportunities in technological advancement that directly impact the UAE’s strategic priorities.”

The center opens possibilities for ZU students and faculty to collaborate with industry and government entities to bring ‘real’ challenges in the industry and provide solutions through projects and research. Students will be able to receive professional certification through the trainings and will raise their consideration for various IT related jobs in the local market. Zayed University faculty will be supervising students’ senior and research projects – these projects will be running each semester by leveraging the experiences and programs that will be delivered by the new center.

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