An Invitation To Our Ramadan Table

Come together after a day of fasting and self-reflection for a meaningful gathering in good company at Armani Hotel Dubai.

Enjoy Iftar or Suhoor in two inspiriting locations, where elegance, sophistication, award-winning dining, and thoughtful service embody the spirit of the holy month.

Break your fast at Armani Hotel Dubai with an exceptional Iftar buffet offering a fusion of traditional flavors with a distinctive signature flair, or savour a social sharing-style Suhoor under the stars at Armani/Pavilion.دعوة إلى مائدتنا الرمضانية

Embark On An Iftar Culinary Journey

Break your fast with a world of flavours at Armani/Pavilion this Ramadan.

Take a culinary journey across continents and cuisines with an Iftar buffet that showcases the best of signature dining from our five award-winning restaurants, complemented by the gentle sounds of seasonal musical tradition.

Enjoy a selection of dates and fresh juices to start, before discovering a mouthwatering array of European classics, exotic Indian spiced favourites, contemporary Italian delights, delectable Japanese dishes and authentic flavours from the Levant to the Mediterranean.

Suhoor Under the Stars

Take your Suhoor experience this Ramadan to another level at Armani/Pavilion.

At the ultimate al fresco social occasion, feast on a collection of global flavours from Arabia and India to Europe and beyond, with a sharing style menu designed to be enjoyed by two, four, or more guests.

Relax in a picture-perfect setting as traditional background music, nightly screenings of Arabic family favourites and fragrant shisha set the scene, with the stunning spectacle of The Dubai Fountain as your inspiring backdrop.