Choithrams and MSF Spreading Goodness Beyond Borders Story of Flora Chiguduli

Story of Flora Chiguduli

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Caption and Backstory:

Flora Chiguduli made a living washing clothes for other families; on a good day, she could make as much as 3,000 kwacha, roughly 3.5 euros. A return trip to a clinic for cervical cancer screening cost her almost the equivalent of a full day’s earnings.

“My husband was supportive throughout” says Flora Chiguduli, “but I never told the rest of my family until I was cured. I was afraid of being stigmatised or taken advantage of.” Flora has become an advocate of the importance of regular cervical cancer screening.

Flora Chiguduli began experiencing pain and severe vaginal discharge in January 2019. Once diagnosed with cervical cancer, she felt relieved: “At least I knew what I had and I was told it was curable” she says. She underwent a few chemotherapy cycles and was operated just before Christmas, in the newly-opened, MSF-run operating theatre in Blantyre.

Flora Chiguduli is 36 years old and has five children. She underwent a hysterectomy in the operating theatre opened by MSF in December 2019 at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Blantyre. She is free of cervical cancer now.