Get your Essential Nutrients this Ramadan with Daily Supplement, Amphis

Get your Essential Nutrients this Ramadan with Daily Supplement, Amphis

**Keep your nutrients in check for healthy nails and luscious hair this Ramadan**

The month of Ramadan is upon us, which means fasting during the day and feasting when the sun sets. However, this could lead our body to use up nutrient reserves in the body during the day, that help in maintaining healthy hair and nails. This can eventually lead to brittle nails and hair loss, and depletion of energy during the day. However, with Amphis, there is no need to worry as the daily supplement is here to help you replenish!

The premium daily supplement has been scientifically developed to offer a more comprehensive and holistic approach to maintaining skin, bone health, hair and nails while combating the effects of ageing from the inside.

Amphis is proud to be the first and only nutritional keratin boosting liquid on the market, a food supplement that contains a unique formula Amphis Keratin Sea Mineral Complex TM which accelerates the growth of strong, lustrous hair and strengthens nails.  The unique orange flavoured keratin boosting liquid delivers marine actives which work from the inside out, using vitamin-enriched sea minerals from the ocean, the world’s most powerful natural resource.

The Amphis range is sugar free, paraben free, shellfish free, not tested on animals, certified for Halal & Kosher consumers and the tisane is certified 100% Organic.

About Amphis:

While attending one of the world’s foremost international conferences on ageing, the A4M (American Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine), Roz Martin founder and CEO of AMPHIS was drawn to a seminar on the role of nutrition including nutritional therapies and healthy living as a technique to promote the healthiest way to promote healthy young skin, maintaining hair growth and anti-ageing practices to keep internal cell production strong, when the idea sparked.  It seemed so clear – it did not have to be prescriptive medication to resolve the problem of thinning hair or hair loss or even worse the use of synthetic hair extensions which can cause damage to the follicle root, breakage and bald spots on the scalp. Ingredients from the ocean were the key and it was only nature’s own compounds that could accentuate a natural process such as hair growth from within. Roz realised there and then, that the ocean, as nature’s most powerful force was home to the nutrients that were needed to build natural-compound supplement and products.  On her return to Ireland, she began working closely with scientists from UCD, developing formulas that would help promote cell production.   Several hundred experiments and two years of laboratory work later, Amphis was born. And a powerful new healthier hair growth treatment option emerged for consumers. AMPHIS is a health and wellbeing company known for supplying high quality health products that deliver what they promise; are known for their scientific integrity; and their electiveness for managing some of the biological processes in a safe and natural way.

About Roz Martin:

Roz Martin is founder of AMPHIS and has a background in the pharmaceutical industry, having worked as a Medical Specialist Advisor in the UK and Middle East for over 12 years. Her passion and interest for well-being, health and beauty led to her setting up her own business in 2010. Roz’s mission was simple – to create products that improve the health and function of the skin and body in a natural, safe and non-invasive manner.

The company’s formulations have been scientifically proven by UCD and we continue to collaborate with The Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research on future product lines.

About Nutraceuticals:

A nutraceutical is any substance that is a food or a part of a food and provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease. Such products may range from isolated nutrients, dietary supplements and specific diets to designer foods, herbal products and processed foods such as cereals, soups and beverages which ultimately optimise health and nutrition.