Horizon Exchange Forges Path Towards Digital Remittances with New Brand Identity and Address

Horizon Exchange Forges Path Towards Digital Remittances with New Brand Identity and Address

  • Rebranded logo and tagline signify new strategic direction towards digital and contactless money transfer solutions
  • New main branch is strategically located in Karama, one of Dubai’s most central, most populous, most accessible and frequently visited areas by UAE residents

Horizon Exchange, a long-standing exchange house based in the UAE, has unveiled its new headquarters and brand identity to signify its commitment to foray into digital solutions.

Previously based in Deira, Horizon Exchange has found a new home for its main branch in Karama: a neighborhood historically synonymous with rooted families, local businesses, and vibrant commerce. The company will run out of the Karama Shopping Complex and continue to provide remittance, currency exchange, and instant money transfer solutions to commercial and individual clients.

Speaking about the move, Hamid Ali, Senior Operations Manager at Horizon Exchange, said: “We have enjoyed the loyalty and trust of our customers for the past 17 years. Moving our headquarters to Karama is part of our long-term strategy to expand services and be accessible in neighborhoods among the most financially active districts in Dubai. Karama is a conduit for the past and present of this Emirate. It has withstood and thrived the transformations of Dubai, while at the same time has become a major connector to newer parts of Dubai owing to its proximity to throughways like the Sheikh Zayed Road.”

New digital payments solutions to empower customers

Horizon Exchange is simultaneously moving into the new digital era. According to a report by Research and Markets, the market size of global remittances is expected to reach $930.44 billion by 2026, growing at 3.9% each year until then. Horizon Exchange has recognized that few things will influence the direction of this industry as much as digital innovations.

As part of its long-term strategy, the company is working on a slate of new digital remittance and payments solutions focused on speed, reliability, transparency, and peace of mind for customers.

Horizon Exchange will also reduce transaction fees on its digital remittance solution and ensure greater transparency of end-to-end transactions, further empowering its customers.  In addition, the company is working on a proprietary smartphone app so customers can send remittances from the safety and comfort of their homes.

According to Ali, the digital transformations within the industry and the impact of COVID-19 have made reliable contactless and digital payments more important.

“Growing smartphone penetration locally in the UAE — and in countries that see a high volume of remittance transactions — had already started changing the landscape of the industry,” explained Ali. “And the new normal under COVID-19 has made remote and digital services even more critical. Our strategic investments in digital solutions such as in a dedicated smartphone app will empower customers to use our services from their devices, wherever they are. This in turn will bring peace of mind to families and communities across the globe that rely on these remittances from their loved ones.”

Ali said he also takes inspiration from the leaders of the UAE who have relentlessly advocated to digitalize payments and other services long before the onset of COVID-19. “The leadership of UAE and Dubai has displayed a visionary thought process in how they see the future of the payments and remittances infrastructure. As a company that’s rooted in the Emirate and its people, it’s an honor for us to play a leading role in this national strategic way forward,” said Ali.

A brand-new look

Horizon Exchange has announced this new digital way forward by unveiling a new brand identity.

Loyal clients of Horizon Exchange will discover a renewed, fresher brand logo: a crisp, green hexagon that is accompanied by the tagline: ‘Instant. Anywhere. Anytime’. The new brand identity stands as a renewed promise to ride the wave of digital disruptions in the global remittance industry.

According to Ali, the new brand look is aligned with its promise to become a trusted touchpoint for digital remittances and payments. “This isn’t a superficial change to our identity. It’s a deliberate and strategic step taken to officially announce our foray into a new era of digital payments and friction-less remittances,” said Ali.

Horizon Exchange will leverage its partnership with Mint Middle East to excel in the digital remittance space. Mint ME is a leading vertically integrated electronic payment solutions provider based in the UAE with proven success through digital and cashless solutions for the region, such as prepaid cards, mobile banking, KYC solutions and other financial and digital inclusion programs.

Following COVID-protocols

The new headquarters of Horizon Exchange will comply with COVID-19 protocols set by the Ministry of Health regulations and keep up with any official changes. There will be limited capacity within the premises, with social-distancing measures and the requirement of masks continuing over from its previous address.

Horizon Exchange expects worldwide remittances to gradually pick up pace as countries work towards safely re-opening their economies and supporting individuals and local businesses to become fiscally stronger.

While most money transfers in the UAE happen through exchange houses, the share of digital remittances will keep getting bigger. And Horizon Exchange continues to bolster its commitment towards creating a safe in-store experience for customers, as well as a digital remittance experience that promises to be: ‘Instant. Anywhere. Anytime’.

About Horizon Exchange: 

Horizon Exchange is a well-established money transfer and exchange house based in the United Arab Emirates. The company offers a suite of payment services: international and domestic remittances, foreign currency exchange, and instant money transfers. A prime mover of digital innovations in the industry, Horizon Exchange aims to change the landscape with new and innovative mobile and contactless solutions that will help customers send and receive money instantly, anywhere, anytime.