Fill your Wardrobe with Wonderful Linen The Magical Fabric

Fill your Wardrobe with Wonderful Linen: The Magical Fabric

Who doesn’t love being wrapped in a luxe fabric? And, when it’s made from linen, it’s all the better. There are many reasons why linen has draped the shoulders of humankind for millennia, from its longevity to its health properties. Created from the flax plant, linen is the world’s strongest natural fibre; it is extraordinarily durable, making it ideal for creating clothing and textiles that can last a lifetime – pieces that can be handed down to your children and grandchildren.

At ZALXNDRA, the premium fashion label born in Dubai with global roots, exquisitely embroidered garments of uncompromising quality and luxurious comfort are crafted using this miracle fabric. From hand-embroidered linen dresses showcasing a creative and playful twist on traditional stitching, to machine-embroidered linen garments, contemporary linen pieces without embroidery, and other lighter options – each garment tells its own story, makes the wearer feel good while looking good, and keeps the planet healthy.

And it’s easy to see why linen is ZALXNDRA’s fabric of choice. It only gets better with age, becoming softer and more supple with every wear, while holding its original shape. Thanks to these characteristics, linen even holds the title of the oldest known piece of clothing in the world: Found in a tomb outside Cairo, Egypt, the Tarkhan dress dates back to 2,800 BC and still shows details such as pleating and tailored sleeves.

A natural insulator, it is the perfect fabric for year-round wear. In the winter months, it retains the heat from your body, while, in the summer months, its porous nature allows for plenty of air flow to keep its wearer cool and comfortable. This makes it an excellent addition to your holiday wardrobe, and its naturally beautiful wrinkles, anti-static quality and ability to repel dirt make it a low-maintenance piece to pull out of the suitcase with no fuss.

One historical fashionista who was drawn to the undeniablly easy-going charms of linen was Marie-Antoinette, who popularised simple, white linen dresses in the 1780s. Seeking a more relaxed look from the cumbersome and ornate high fashion of Versailles, she took inspiration from the clothing of country women to create the linen robe en gaulle to be worn in private and the robe en bergère, which she favoured at her bijou palace, Petit Trianon.

Beyond its natural aesthetic appeal, linen is also known for its healing properties. Not only can it help regulate body temperature, but it is also hypoallergenic (perfect for those with sensitive skin or allergies). It is also a natural antiseptic that can kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and, as a bandage, even help heal abrasions more quickly. Being 100% natural, totally biodegradable and recyclable means it helps keep the earth healthy too.

The ZALXNDRA team adores the timeless characteristics of linen. All ZALXNDRA clothing is made in an ecologically friendly way using highly ethical, zero-waste manufacturing methods, with fine linen sourced from a certified environmentally friendly and safety-conscious European supplier.

A material once exclusive to ancient royalty, today this environmentally friendly and health-beneficial fabric should have a place in everyone’s wardrobe.


Founded in Dubai, UAE in 2016 by Anna Z. Alexandra, ZALXNDRA offers a different approach to today’s fast fashion, with a dedication to creating high-quality, embroidered linen clothing to keep in wardrobes for a lifetime. With passion and care, each exquisitely embroidered garment takes up to two months to complete at a boutique atelier by a skilled team. Comprising elegant options for special occasions, holidays and more – ZALXNDRA’s vibrant selection of garments is for the aesthetically mindful, those who value the most exceptional qualities that life has to offer and appreciate the effort, care and attention put into each lovingly created piece. The use of fine linen offers natural health benefits, while a zero-waste production model is used to make the brand good for the planet as well as our health.