Aafaq Islamic Finance publishes the specialized quarterly "Aafaq" magazine

Aafaq Islamic Finance publishes the specialized quarterly “Aafaq” magazine

Aafaq Islamic Finance, the leading institution in the financial sector that provides financial products and services in compliance with the provisions of Islamic law throughout the UAE and the region, issued the first issue of the specialized quarterly magazine, “Aafaq”, as a platform to spread knowledge of the Islamic finance sector.

The Aafaq magazine enhances knowledge with the latest news for the company’s clients in particular. The first issue cover of Aafaq magazine featured the image of the founder of the UAE, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, while highlighting “The Hope Probe” under the title: The mission was successfully completed.

His Excellency Abdul-Jalil Abdul Rahman Mohamed AlBlouki, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aafaq Islamic Finance praised the role of Aafaq magazine as a knowledge platform with open and stimulating discussions on issues that concern locals and residents while dealing with the reality and future of business, financial services and opportunities to keep pace with the changes.

Rashid Mahboob Al Qubaisi, CEO of Afaq Islamic Finance praised the “Dubai Vision 2040” as a promising urban Dubai plan that will create opportunities for all in the new urban era affirming that Aafaq Islamic Finance will remain ready to support the business expansion by providing financing solutions and securing the necessary financial technology infrastructure to support the new urban development.

The pandemic was featured in this issue, as health, safety and financial security for clients, employees and society are the main concerns of Aafaq Islamic Finance who remain under a cover of financial protection in line with Islamic values. The success of the “Probe of Hope” mission to Mars, was covered coinciding with the passage of 50 years since the birth of the country.

SME’s received remarkable interest as they are sponsored by Aafaq which provides them with financing programs to support, develop and achieve success. The magazine singled out His Excellency Abdul Basit Al-Janahi, Executive Director of the Mohammed bin Rashid Foundation for the Development of SME’s and relentless efforts to help drive the Emirati entrepreneurs forward and develop the thriving sector for startups within the UAE economy.

The magazine also included a detailed report on “the growing preference for Islamic finance,” and highlighted fundamental differences between Islamic banks and traditional banks, in addition addressing promoting agricultural projects with appropriate financing.

The magazine’s chapters varied between financial information based on numbers of government agencies, specialized institutions in addition to the most prominent initiatives, products, services and financing programs launched by “Aafaq Islamic Finance” in the recent period, in addition to highlighting innovation and technology as the two main pillars of future financial growth.

About Aafaq Islamic Finance:

Aafaq Islamic Finance PJSC was established in 2006 and provides a wide range of high-quality Sharia-compliant banking products and services to corporate and retail clients. It stands out to be one of the most independent financing companies in the UAE. Moreover, the company’s strategy focuses on exploring opportunities within different business sectors to achieve the highest levels of happiness for all stakeholders including shareholders, customers, employees, strategic partners and the community.

Aafaq depends on the strength of its strategic partnership with leading institutions in the UAE, such as the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, Dubai Economy, Emaratech, Trakhees, First Abu Dhabi Bank, and many Tas-heel, Amer and Business centers and others. aafaq provides the customers of these entities with services like E-dirham, Labour Guarantees, Wages Protection System, payment services for Dubai Economy and topping up of Noqodi wallets. In addition, aafaq offers a wide range of financing solutions and smart payment tools for companies and individuals.