Luxury Design Emanating From Egyptian Architect Studio

Making sensational waves across the Egyption architectural landscape, AURA stands strikingly apart. So much so, that New York based Luxury Lifestyle Awards have recognised and honoured the architectural geniuses with The Best Luxury Architect Studio, Egypt 2020 award. A closer inspection of their production reveals an awe-inspiring design portfolio, rivaling even global competitors.

AURA is no fly-by-night sensation either – they’ve been firmly established for almost two decades. This invaluable experience affords them specialist status in the areas of urban planning, architecture and interior design. The industries most served by the AURA team are those of hospitality, academic institutes and modern residential developments.

The very definition of the word ‘Aura’ underpins the company’s culture and approach to creative production. It means ‘A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing; an atmosphere’, and this is precisely what shines through in every project they undertake. AURA boasts a passionate and professional team deeply committed to delivering a one-of-a-kind design results that possess distinctive identities. Here again, the theme of each project’s unique ‘aura’ is brilliantly communicated through its features and overall design.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that AURA have their sights set on leaving lasting memories in the urban work they produce, narrating a distinctive design concept, fluid in its execution. They’re here to create designs that live through the new ages, not just to satisfy current trends.

Creativity is encouraged through a defined structure when approaching design projects. Their creative philosophy merges and marries opposing tangible and intangible values, creating a highly balanced and inclusive outcome. Expect to find imagination backed with research, technical skill underpinned by pure passion, and practical bursting creative expression.

AURA has a strong preference for nurturing organic relationships within the design and architectural industries. This allows for a flow of ideas in all directions, gaining new insights, staying abreast of developments and fostering new opportunities both personally and professionally.

From a business growth perspective, AURA have 20 years of tangible experience with an outstanding portfolio of work to show for it. This fact combined with their intuitive and cutting-edge design skill supports the continued success of the studio. Having said that, they intently work on enhancing their skill set as they recognise the need to stay inspired, to keep learning and master their craft, which is precisely what they do so well.

Their progressive company culture fosters collaboration within the industries, as it empowers and encourages growth in the team – for both individual and group development. This approach invites our team to take on greater responsibilities and experience new brief and design concepts, enhancing their potential and expanding on their experience.

The AURA operation is founded on a solid process that stimulates creativity and multidisciplinary collaboration. Their systematic approach affords them the ideal platform to establish creative solutions, supported by encompassing research of the functional, technical and aesthetic elements of their projects. The results speak for themselves: sensational outcomes every single time.

A Summary of their Professional Services:

  • Interiors

AURA boasts a suave portfolio of interior design, each unique in their execution. Their signature style hints at modern, contemporary, clean lines, natural and fresh tones, striking in their simplicity and a dreamy space to be in.

  • Architecture

Masterful showpieces display AURA’s overwhelming design talent. Contemporary, unique. Visual monuments to form, function and art.

  • Urbanism

A bold portfolio of urban residential and educational developments are a crown to the team’s professional production. Intricate, modernised, seamless and large scale planning that’s been built to perfection.

  • Landscaping

Where exterior design flows seamlessly from the interiors, to create an inspiring outdoor space.

If you’re in Egypt and looking to develop your property to world-class standards, AURA is the ultimate expert studio that will deliver beyond your wildest expectations. Their winning title of The Best Luxury Architect Studio, Egypt, by Luxury Lifestyle Awards is well deserved. We look forward to seeing what they will create next, in this specialised field.