Galaxy Watch3: Redefining the smartwatch experience

Galaxy Watch3: Redefining the smartwatch experience

Now more than ever, consumers are determined to lead healthier lifestyles. Social awareness regarding the importance of being physically proactive in our daily lives is at an all-time high, causing a paradigm shift in attitudes and inspiring countless people to take better care of themselves. Of course, this widespread motivation is the first step towards ensuring improved health and well-being, yet what’s equally motivating is that consumers do not have to embark on their fitness journeys alone. Thanks to technological advancements and Samsung’s commitment to fuse innovation and technology, consumers and Ramadan observers are enjoying the many benefits of standout innovations – devices that are providing support, delivering value, and redefining experiences.

In addition to next-generation Samsung Galaxy products such as smartphones and tablets, another segment this applies to is the brand’s wearables, which have solidified their status as perfect lifestyle partners due to their popularity, effectiveness, and cutting-edge features. Several fall into the prestigious category, and one of the most prominent is the Galaxy Watch3, which has been a revelation since its introduction to the market.

As the ideal everyday companion for managing your routines, surpassing your fitness goals, and taking ownership over your health, demand for the Galaxy Watch3 continues to rise exponentially. Moreover, its appeal is also boosted by its desirable appearance, complementing today’s styles with absolute comfort and luxury timepiece craftsmanship. Versatile, dynamic, and a unique one-stop-shop for wellness on your wrist, here’s how the Galaxy Watch3 is Samsung’s most comprehensive health suite to date and has brought new meaning to the smartwatch experience as we know it.

Cutting-edge blood pressure and electrocardiogram readings

The Galaxy Watch3 was designed to be the center of your everyday health experience, offering all the tools you need to maintain an active lifestyle. This device boasts an integrated health platform, providing measurement and tracking for a range of health, fitness, and wellbeing factors – covering everything from health monitoring to physical fitness and mental wellbeing. A major factor here is that the Galaxy Watch3 offers cutting-edge blood pressure (BP) monitoring and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings, which can help you monitor your heart health anytime, anywhere.

For consumers observing Ramadan, these features will provide extra value, helping them to stay in shape physically and maintain a positive mindset during the fasting period. The device measures your BP through pulse wave analysis, heart rate monitoring sensors, and the Samsung Health Monitor app, which provide you with broad health insights and empower you to make informed wellness decisions when working out. By simply tapping ‘Measure’,  the program analyzes the relationship between the calibration value and the BP change to determine a precise reading. Meanwhile, the ECG function works by analyzing the heart’s electrical activity via a sensor on the Galaxy Watch3. Simply open the Samsung Health Monitor app when you are seated comfortably, rest your forearm on a flat surface, and lightly place a fingertip from the opposite hand on the top button on the smartwatch for 30 seconds. The app will then measure your heart rate and rhythm, which will be classified as either a normal, regular heartbeat or irregular.

Features for all your fitness requirements

Improving your health, maintaining your fitness, and surpassing your targets are easily accomplishable due to the constant support you receive from the Galaxy Watch3 through its exclusive features. Firstly, the Blood oxygen feature effectively demonstrates how you breathe during exercise, enabling you to measure and track oxygen saturation for fitness and wellness purposes. Secondly, advanced running metrics and VO2 max ensure you maximize performance and prevent injury.

The Galaxy Watch3 offers standalone running analysis, providing various detailed metrics, such as asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical oscillation, and contact and flight time. In addition, you can measure VO2 max, an indication of the maximum amount of oxygen one can utilize during intense exercise. It is a common measurement used to determine an athlete’s fitness and performance capacity and can be used to measure progress in your training routine. The Galaxy Watch3 also provides sleep scores and insights so that you can get better rest, maximize recovery, and discover ways to improve, while stress management and mindfulness programs are recommended to boost your physical and mental well-being further. With the Galaxy Watch3, these benefits are sure to elevate happiness and positivity, meaning everyone can also enjoy the Ramadan period with even more enthusiasm.

Sophisticated design in line with today’s style trends

Designed with your personal style and comfort in mind, this is reflected at all times when wearing the Galaxy Watch3. The wearable boasts a classic watch design that you can customize to suit your own style, ensuring you look and feel great in every instance – including outdoor trips and time spent with family and friends during the Holy Month.  Made to fit on your wrist comfortably, it is lighter, thinner, and has a bigger display so you can enjoy wearing it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Compared to the original Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch3 is 14% thinner, 8% smaller, and 15% lighter, weighing 53.8g. Despite this compact design, this device comes with an even larger display than the original Galaxy Watch and a unique rotating bezel. Built to be customized, you can personalize your watch face to reflect your unique lifestyle perfectly, with a large number of watch faces to choose from on the Galaxy Wearable app or Galaxy Store. The straps are also crafted from quality leather to add the finishing touches to an appearance that is stylish and classic in equal measure.