Hydrate Smart with Qwell: The New Generation of Collagen Water

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated with our daily H2O intake. The essential eight-glasses per day help our bodies stay healthy and keep our minds operating at their full potential. We’ve also seen an uptake in general ways of boosting your health, from trendy superfoods, supplements and even personalised vitamin regimens. There is another way to get the necessary nutrients we need– a special type of fortified water that packs more promise than your typical vitamin-infused options. Introducing Qwell, a game-changing brand of collagen water, jam-packed with 5 grams of premium collagen, vitamins and nutrients that will have you looking and feeling like your very best selves, focusing on our ‘Heart, Soul and Health’.

Many find it super easy to drink three iced coffees a day but nearly impossible to drink more than one glass of water. Say goodbye to “boring” water and say hello to Qwell’s range of flavourful, collagen-infused bottled water. Sourced and produced from the pure Daggio spring waters located in the Alps in Norther Italy, Qwell is made with the finest Alpine mineral water and combined with premium hydrolysed collagen, a halal protein-packed substance that helps support healthy hair, nails, bones and joints. Incorporating collagen into your daily diet has become an increasingly popular and a highly recommended part of wellness routines with many skincare professionals and dermatologists acknowledging that ingestible collagen can positively impact your health.

Qwell is developed by leading scientists who took key factors into consideration, such as ease of collagen and vitamin absorption, dosage, versatility as well as portability. Liquid collagen is digested and absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly, efficiently and in more concentrated doses, than solid supplements by a staggering 90% (as your body has to work harder to extract the nutrients from powder or tablets). Qwell is also supported by data proving the effectiveness of drinking collagen whereby it stimulates collagen production leading to skin and tissue regeneation.

Qwell’s drinkable elixirs are available in four different variants, with their corresponding flavours, each targeting specific claims and benefits. With Qwell Beauty, in natural peach flavour, you’ll receive a dose of beauty-boosting vitamins like biotin, zinc and B12, targeting the skin, hair and nails, with cell-rejuvenating components. Qwell Shape, in natural green apple flavour, reduces feelings of fatigue, supports the immune system and builds an energy-yielding metabolism thanks to magnesium, zinc and B12 vitamins. For active weight management, anti-aging and energising purposes, Qwell Active’s main ingredient of natural caffeine, with natural watermelon flavour, will certainly do the trick during a workout or for a quick energy boost! And finally, Qwell Refresh, in a cool lime flavour, is the closest thing to the fountain of youth, with its enhancement and improvements of the drinker’s metabolism, physical activity and youthful appearance.

All of Qwell’s collagen water includes only the good stuff: no sugars, juice, artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, or additives. Bottled in 500 ml, Qwell is super convenient, easy to consume while on-the-go and applies to any kind of lifestyle, providing the perfect dose, every single time – What’s not to love?

Qwell is more than just essential vitamins in liquid form – Qwell aims to provide the very best in ensuring H2O drinkers, no matter how busy or active, to fulfil their desired wellness routines, consistently delivering wellness solutions from within. And getting more beautiful, more active, more healthy and more refreshed while getting your daily water requirement? Sign us up and we’ll take a sip to that!

As an advocate of nourishing wellness from within, prominent influencer and personality, Paola El Sitt is Qwell’s brand ambassador. As the face of Qwell’s latest campaign, Paola joins the team due to her interest and passion in health and wellness, sharing the simple yet effective way of including collagen into everyone’s daily life.

Qwell will be stocked in select supermarkets and pharmcacies across the UAE and available for purchase soon on www.amazon.ae and www.noon.com. Time to hydrate smart with Qwell, also launching in KSA soon.