Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy Mesmerizes Audiences with 16 Spiritual Songs

Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy Mesmerizes Audiences

with 16 Spiritual Songs

In collaboration with leading Egyptian Chanters

Mohamed Tarek and Wael El Fashny

As part of its Ramadan Series under the theme “Human Fraternity: Dignity and Hope,” with support from Lead Partner Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), the 18th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival (ADF), themed “The Future Starts Now,” presented the leading Egyptian spiritual chanter Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy, joined by chanters Mohamed Tarek and Wael El Fashny, in “A Call for Love,” a performance celebrating the values of diversity and tolerance and cultures coming together, streamed online via the Festival’s digital platforms.

Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy, Mohamed Tarek and Wael El Fashny sang 16 songs and prayers in the 90-minute performance, which drew inspiration from Arabic tradition and world heritage and was presented in a contemporary format.

“It is an honour for me to collaborate with this great foundation working to promote arts, culture and humanity. For the second year, we are commissioned by the Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation to present From Egypt a diverse collection of spiritual songs,” commented Sheikh Al Tohamy.

“The performance includes the ancient musical genre of Tawashih, improvisations, and compositions presented with a contemporary twist, featuring traditional lyrics and accompanied by the influential and highly talented chanters Mohamed Tarek and Wael El Fashny. I would like to thank Abu Dhabi Festival and its founder Her Excellency Huda Ibrahim Alkhamis-Kanoo for all their contributions in promoting the human values of unity and fraternity, and elevating the regional arts and cultural scene,” he added.الشيخ محمود التهامي يتألق ضمن أمسيات مهرجان أبوظبي

The “Human Fraternity: Dignity and Hope” Ramadan Series is part of Abu Dhabi Festival’s programme, themed “The Future Starts Now,” which includes digital performances of over 25 songs and chants by bright Arab vocalists and creators, written by 11 poets and writers and performed by 8 chanters and singers, accompanied by 60 musicians.

The year-long hybrid programme of the 18th Abu Dhabi Festival combines virtual and in-person performances, exhibitions and events by over 500 artists from more than 50 countries.

About Abu Dhabi Festival

Founded in 2004, Abu Dhabi Festival was initially a small arts and culture platform that soon graduated to one of the world’s premiere annual events. Held in the UAE, it celebrates artistic and creative excellence, and promotes the role of music and the arts in bringing nations closer. It also promotes Abu Dhabi as a leading global hub for creativity and as an Emirati beacon for respect and tolerance.

Strengthened by a growing network of 30 international partners, the festival brings audiences together each year to enjoy world premieres and exclusive commissions in the UAE and around the world.

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation

Founded in 1996, ADMAF is one of the oldest, not-for-profit cultural organisations in the Arabian Gulf. Pioneering new artistic practices, it seeks to deepen global cross-cultural dialogue and inspire a renewed interest in the creativity of the UAE and Arab world. Often in partnership with leading national and international institutions, it delivers multidisciplinary initiatives for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities through the Abu Dhabi Festival, year-round youth platforms and community programmes.

About Mubadala Investment Company

Mubadala Investment Company is a sovereign investor managing a global portfolio, aimed at generating sustainable financial returns for the Government of Abu Dhabi.

Mubadala’s $232 billion (AED 853 billion) portfolio spans six continents with interests in multiple sectors and asset classes. We leverage our deep sectoral expertise and long-standing partnerships to actively source deals. In the UAE, we are driving sustainable growth by optimizing scale and efficiency, supporting the continued diversification and global integration of the local economy while growing our shareholder value.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, Mubadala has offices in London, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, New York, San Francisco and Beijing.

Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy

Leading spiritual chanter in Egypt and world Sheikh Mahmoud Al Tohamy has released more than 20 albums, composed and sang over 300 poems and was nominated for a Grammy in 2018. He has collaborated with the greatest composers in the field, such as Ammar El Sherei, Salah El Sharnoubi and Hassan Abu Al Saood. Al Tohamy plays the oud, violin and piano, and specialises in verse poetry.

Al Tohamy established the first association for hymn and litany chanting in the Arab world and the first-ever school specializing in the art form. He has performed in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, UK, France, Turkey, South Africa, Yemen, Libya, Italy, India, Sudan, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

An honorary doctorate recipient from the Goethe-Institut Lebanon for the promotion of tolerance and human values, Al Tohamy was named the Most Creative Arab Developer in the field of chanting by the World Council for Empowerment and Institutional Development. He was also the first Egyptian in the Arab world to be named Ambassador of Culture in the Arab World by the International Association for Intellectual and Cultural Creativity in France.

Al Tohamy launched “Unity in Diversity”, an international art project combining ancient Sufi chanting and Egyptian Muwashahat with other modern music genres.

Mohamed Tarek

Born in UAE, Egyptian chanter Mohamed Tarek has become one of the most celebrated Arab musicians on social media with over 95 million views on YouTube. He sings in five different languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Malay and Turkish.

In 2016, Tarek ranked first in two local talent competitions, EBDAA 4 and Al-Faezoon, and went on to win first place in the 12th edition of the Sharjah Munshid Competition in 2019, which featured strong competitors from around the Arab world.

He is also known for his Islamic songs and song covers, including Kullul Qulub (2016), Medley Salawat (2017), Deen Assalam (2018) and Ya Ilahi (2019).

Tarek has performed live in over 10 countries, including Egypt, Jordan, Indonesia, Morocco, South Africa, Pakistan and Mauritius. He also performed at two royal weddings in Jordan in2018.

Wael El Fashny

A talented Egyptian chanter and singer, Wael El Fashny has contributed the theme songs to many Arabic TV series, such as Tayea, Kingdom of Gypsies, Sunset Oasis and Al Ekhtiar. He has also been featured in Arabic films and television series, including Saheb Al Maqam and Kingdom of Gypsies, as well as the plays Hadatha Fi Bilad Al Saada and Almaz Wasii Abduh.

El Fhashy was featured as a guest on several television programmes, including Isaad Younis’ Her Excellency, El Safira Aziza, Makom Mona El-Shazly, Ramy Radwan’s DMC Night, Osama Kamal’s 90 Minutes and Hani Amer’s Ahl Al Hawa.