5 Essential Summer Haircare Tips You Should Know

5 Essential Summer Haircare Tips You Should Know

**Keep your locks looking great with these expert tips from HASK Beauty! **

The extreme climatic conditions in the region with its hot summer sun and high humidity can be very harsh and have long-lasting negative effects on our hair. The heat and UV radiation coupled with dry hot winds can strip the hair and scalp of moisture, leaving it dry and brittle, and that’s bad news. To help you maintain your happy, healthy tresses during summer and beyond, Linda Flowers, Stylist Expert at HASK Beauty, shares her top five tips.

Linda has over  30 years of experience as a hair stylist, and is recognized by her peers as an innovative industry leader. Linda has a deep-seated love for the creativity involved in hair styling and has worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest films and TV shows. Known for her ability to create almost anything — from beautiful everyday looks to extravagant eye-catching designs —  one of Linda’s biggest achievements in Hollywood was her role in the creation of the iconic Katniss Everdeen braid and colorful Effie looks from the Hunger Games franchise.5 Essential Summer Haircare Tips You Should Know

  1. Conditioning is key

Ensure hair is always conditioned in the summer months because the sun, saltwater and chlorine can strip hair of its moisture, leaving it extra dry. Switch your conditioner with moisturizing formulas that will help restore parched locks. If you go swimming, coat the hair with conditioning masks to block penetration of chlorinated water. Deep conditioning treatments can also be mixed with oils while basking in the sun to provide intense hydration.

  1. Avoid excessive heat

Whenever possible, avoid using styling tools that transfer heat directly to the hair. It weakens protein bonds and affects overall hair health. When using hair tools, use it in conjunction with products that will prevent loss of hair protein. It is also a recommended to use a heat protection hair spray to reduce the damage caused by heat-based styling tools.

  1. Wash hair less

Over-washing can be damaging for your hair, especially if it is coloured, has been chemically treated, or is naturally very dry or porous. Washing hair daily tends to strip away natural oils and proteins that we require to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Although, we are more likely to shower and shampoo frequently in the summer months, it is recommended to limit hair washing to three times a week. In between wash days, to help with any flatness created by natural oils, consider using a natural dry shampoo with long-lasting oil absorption.

  1. Fight Frizz

Moisture in the air causes summer frizz. To manage frizz, use leave-in sprays to tame your tresses. Consider using deep conditioning masks on the ends of your hair if you have dry hair and split ends. Wear your hair in loose, comfortable styles, since tight, sleek hairstyles can be damaging as they tend to pull on the hair.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Remember to drink a lot of water in the summer. Healthy hair starts from within. Water hydrates hair cells. To support hair hydration, you could also use Hask Cactus Water Shampoo and Conditioner for deep moisturization. Infused with cactus water known for its electrolytes, the range helps revive and hydrate parched locks.

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