the Latest Addition to a Supreme Anti-Aging Range

FILORGA’s Global-Repair Eyes & Lips: the Latest Addition to a Supreme Anti-Aging Range

FILORGA’s highly popular Global-Repair range has a new addition to its supreme anti-aging collection of products. An all-intensive feat of formulation, the Global-Repair Eyes and Lips acts as an ultra-targeted double agent. The specialist product contains a microcirculation-activating tuberose extract to give an intensive rejuvenating effect on the eye countour and smoothing sesame seed extract to redefine the lip contour. Global-Repair Eyes and Lips is perfect for the treatment of dark circles, puffiness, crow’s feet wrinkles, barcode wrinkles and nasogenian furrows. A thin layer of its lightweight melting texture to the eye and lip contours in the daytime and/or evening is the recommended usage.

Designed to provide a genuine youth-coaching action, the complete GLOBAL-REPAIR range takes care of the cells of the epidermis with complementary products enriched with Intensive Repairing Factors (50 meso factors, 3 super nutrients + 4 cellular boosters)  for intense nutrition and multi-revitalisation.  But that’s not all, all products incorporate 24H Chrono-Boosted Technology:  dual use day/night formulas that transform into a mask in the evening for optimum 24-hour effectiveness.كريم تجديد البشرة ومقاومة علامات التقدم في العمر من فيلورجا

Launched in 2019, its genuine youth-coaching cosmetic program was developed for women who want to look the way they feel and included multi-active cream for lasting results and an expert serum for an intensive action. The supreme duo treats all the issues of devitalized skin with a core formula: Intensive Repairing Factors. A genuine feat of formulation, this complex combines the best cosmetic nutrients with ultra specialised ingredients to mimic the effects of aesthetic medicine for a spectacular rejuvenating action!

About Filorga Laboratory:

The 1st French Laboratory in Aesthetic Medicine

Medi-Cosmetique, the first line of anti-ageing skincare based on the active ingredients used in injections.

From the beginning, Laboratories FILORGA have designed, developed and produced injectables used by the greatest aesthetic medicine doctors, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons around the world.

To bring their aesthetic medicine expertise to a wider audience, Laboratories FILORGA developed MEDI-COSMETIQUE, a range of revolutionary anti-ageing skincare containing NCEF, a unique complex that encapsulates active ingredients inspired by filling [Hyaluronic Acid] and revitalising injections (50 ingredients, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, co-enzymes, antioxidants, etc]