Starting a business from your home can offer a number of advantages. It can offer flexibility to focus on getting the business started and can help reduce costs by being able to get started with a laptop, internet connection, and a website.  Yet, when choosing a home business idea, priority should be given to what you are passionate about and not one based solely for potential profits.

Selina Bieber, senior regional director for the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, said: “Starting and running a home business can be challenging at times. That is why having passion, discipline and determination can help to serve you well to help reach your goals for your business. By doing what you are passionate about, work can transform from hard labor, stress and anxiety to a joyful daily activity that you look forward to every day.”

“At GoDaddy, we want to help facilitate the entry and growth of new ideas into the marketplace by supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with innovative easy to use and affordable online products and services, as well as knowledge and expert advice. We want to see small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and inspire others, who dream of making their ideas a reality,” Bieber added.خمس قواعد سهلة من GoDaddy لنجاح الأعمال المنزلية

To help launch and grow your new business from your home, keep the following five tips in mind:

1-     Allocate an office space

Dedicate a space at home to be your office. It is where you will spend several hours of your day working, so try as much as possible, to ensure that the space you have chosen is relatively quiet and comfortable so you can focus and avoid any distractions.

2-     Set working hours for yourself

Make your working hours, as well as your free hours, known to your family. Be strict about your working hours and use planning tools to boost productivity. It is of great importance that you maintain your focus and productivity, while keeping a work/family balance through proper time management.

3-     Take your home business serious

Working from home does not mean that you are not a serious business. You have to do what it takes to make your business a success. By investing in it through creating a professional website and a sound business structure, can help to make your business recognized and credible. You can use GoDaddy Arabic Website Builder, along with its support tools and dedicated technical support team to launch a highly appealing and professional website easily and in a short amount of time. GoDaddy Arabic E-Store gives you the ability to sell your products and services directly online to customers, with an appealing online store to sell around the Region and around the world.

4-     Build and expand a professional network

One of the key factors of success for a home business is having a proper network of professionals who can support you deliver to your customers. Running a home business does not mean that you have to do everything by yourself. Sometimes, hiring professional content creators and social media platforms managers can enhance quality, boost image and generate further growth for your business. An expanded network of professional support is not necessarily expensive if you consider hiring freelancers. Stay connected with other like-minded entrepreneurs online and offline, to help you feel less isolated and more connected.  A strong network  can help inspire you and invigorate your entrepreneurial spirit.

5-     Look after yourself

Working from home can get you drawn into the tasks in hand that you could completely lose track of time and not pay attention to your most essential needs such as: eating; drinking; standing-up or taking a much-needed break. Using time management tools such as electronic calendars and alarm clocks, you can plug in time slots in your schedule for your physical needs. It is important to stay hydrated, move, stretch and take frequent short breaks to refresh and regain focus. It is also very important to celebrate successes by doing something fun to take a break in your busy schedule.

Finally, take advantage of technology tools to help you grow your business.  GoDaddy’s integrated suite of online products and services that range from domain names, hosting, website building, online store, digital marketing, professional email, security protections and productivity tools, as well as technical customer support, available in English and Arabic languages.

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