Asiacell is Shortlisted to Win Big at the GLOMO, the Most-Prestigious Global Mobile Award

Asiacell, once again, assumes its prominent leading role in the telecommunications sector in Iraq by being shortlisted for the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMOs) in the ‘Technology for Good’ category, presented by the Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain. Asiacell’s inauguration of the first telemedical centre for the internally displaced populations (IDPs) of Iraq earned the company the nomination for the 2021 GLOMO Awards, most likely placing it amongst the most illustrious names in the technology industry to ever receive such an elite award.

Asiacell’s shortlisting for the award came just months after its recent 4G LTE services launch for its innovative initiative at the Bardarash refugee camp in the Kurdistan region north of the country. The Bardarash Digital Tele-Medical Centre, established by Asiacell, is a brand-new initiative found in the province of Duhok for the purposes of providing medical treatment, relief, aid, and health guidance to those who have fled their homes due to escalating violence in some parts of Iraq. This centre possesses highly advanced scientific and medical equipment while utilising Asiacell’s fast-paced internet to provide maximum speed and the broadest coverage for its services, including free online medical consultation, educational facilities, free internet café, and other specialised settlement services.آسياسيل مرشَحة لنيل جائزة “غلومو” الأهم عالمياً في مجال خدمات الاتصالات المتنقلة

This Digital Tele-Medical Centre’s creation links the refugees of the Bardarash camp to the most advanced medical facility in Iraq, Faruk Medical City, which is located approximately 275 km from the camp. The camp residents can have online meetings with the adept doctors from Faruk Medical City to diagnose their diseases. Furthermore, the doctors can easily contact the medical centre and give instructions on what medicine to prescribe, what type of equipment to use for treatment, and determine the timeline of the patient’s therapy.

As giving back to its community has been playing a pivotal part in Asiacell’s social responsibility strategy, Asiacell always strives to remain Iraq’s leading responsible corporate citizen by implementing sustainable, effective, and innovative projects that support key actors of change, create positive social impact and advocate for unity, integrity, and inclusion. It is serving Iraqi communities in a multitude of aspects by integrating its creative digital and technological capabilities in its operations, which have always been the staple of Asiacell’s core values.

The GLOMO Awards is an annual event that celebrates and recognises the most innovative, trendsetting, and effective mobile and digital products, services, and initiatives worldwide. Live from Spain, the winners of the GLOMO Awards will be announced in a streamed Virtual Event at 12 – 1 pm (CET) Wednesday, June 30th, 2021.

About Asiacell

Asiacell “Brings Us Together” is the leading mobile telecommunications and digital services provider in Iraq, exceeding a subscriber base of 14.7 million satisfied customers as of January 1st, 2021. Asiacell is recognised as the first mobile carrier to operate in Iraq and the first to achieve full nationwide coverage, offering quality 4G services across all Iraqi governorates. Asiacell’s network covers 99.06% of the Iraqi population, making its national network the most extensive among the other two mobile operators in Iraq. Since January 2015, Asiacell is proud to be the best internet service provider offering the highest quality network in Iraq.