Five Exquisite Wellness Experiences to Look Forward to in the Land of Smiles

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 26 May 2021 – Thailand is renowned for its unique health and relaxation offerings, ranked 17th overall according to the Medical Tourism Association, using traditional as well as modern techniques to promote wellbeing. As a leading wellness destination, Thailand brings together a long history of traditional medicine and centuries of accrued knowledge, making it the ultimate sanctuary for health conscious travellers seeking to switch off, relax and rejuvenate. Boasting some of the world’s finest spa and wellness retreats, Thailand promises travellers a unique experience that is different from anywhere else in the world.

Medical Spas

For travellers seeking to enhance their wellbeing and maintain their healthy lifestyle, Thailand is a leading health hub of medical spas that provide various medical treatments from different parts of the world and from different eras to fulfil everyone’s needs.

Fasting, detoxification, colon hydrotherapy, weight management, and lymphatic drainage massage are popular programmes offered to rid the body of toxins, and enhance the immune system. Those looking for alternative therapies can also find treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathy that help various conditions.

Royal Thai Massage

For those looking to live the true royal experience, Thailand offers a memorable massage that was historically offered to members of the royal family only. The Royal Thai massage is a variation of Nuad Thai – traditional Thai massage listed as an UNESCO ‘intangible cultural heritage’ and considered part of the art, science and culture of Thai healthcare – that has become increasingly popular.

Considered a treatment rather than a relaxation offering, Royal Thai Massage uses only hands and fingers to apply pressure on the body’s energy lines, without the use of knees, elbows and feet.

Spas for New Mothers

During pregnancy, a woman’s body changes tremendously and her hormonal balance is altered. In the past, new mothers in Thailand would undergo a traditional Thai medicinal treatment called Yu Fai, translated as ‘staying in the heat’. Yu Fai is a local wisdom that helps restore and rejuvenate the health of new mothers by combining the use of herbal elements with heated compresses and traditional Thai massage.

Conducted by an expert, Yu Fai consists of many stages, including herbal baths, hot herbal compresses, herbal steam, and several kinds of massage. After the session, new mothers feel stronger, the blood circulates better, the skin looks more radiant, and, most importantly, physical and mental well-being is in perfect harmony.

Destination Spas

Nothing beats a fully immersive spa experience in the middle of a tropical haven. Thailand is home to over 1,400 islands with pristine beaches and boasts destination spas that pride themselves in incorporating full range of health and beauty services for a glowing inner and outer well-being.

Travellers can sit back and relax while experts pamper them with standard massages and therapies among other spa programmes as well as providing them with a sense of inner peace and harmony amidst tranquil surroundings through a diverse selection of classes ranging from yoga to Pilates, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Reiki and meditation.

A healthy diet is also encouraged as part of this holistic journey as visitors can find an impressive range of delicious and healthy spa cuisines to satisfy their appetite. Whether it is organic food, macrobiotics, or vegetarian, these culinary delights not only contain tremendous nutritional properties but they are also prepared by chefs who innovatively blend healthy and mouth-watering dishes to provide spa-goers with the finest dining experiences.

Cruise Ship Spas

To expand the concept of cruise service, Thailand accommodates those who prefer an exclusively luxurious spa experience with cruise ship spas. A captivating experience awaits as cruise ships offer distinct spa experiences that enhance the enjoyment and excitement of cruising. A wide array of spa treatments and massages, along with nutritious and scrumptious meals, makes for an unforgettable journey above the pristine waters of Thailand.

About Tourism Authority of Thailand:

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was established on 18 March 1960. TAT was the first organisation in Thailand to be specifically responsible for the promotion of tourism. TAT supplies information and data on tourist areas to the public and publicises Thailand with the intention of encouraging both Thai and international tourists to travel in and around Thailand. TAT has established many overseas offices, the first being in New York, which opened in 1965. During the past years, TAT has established 29 offices in different parts of the world. The 29th office has already been opened at Fukuoka, Japan.