Press Release

Started in March in cooperation with District & Villages Affairs Department

Real Estate Registration Department concludes its campaign to update landowners’ data in Sharjah


  • Al-Shamsi: The department aims to guarantee the rights of the landowners in Sharjah, and to facilitate for them the management of their properties.


In cooperation with the District & Villages Affairs Department in the emirate, the Real Estate Registration Department in Sharjah announced the conclusion of its campaign for updating landowners’ data in the real estate sector in various areas of Sharjah, which was launched on March 28th and continued until May 29th.

The campaign targeted all real estate owners in Sharjah, including citizens, residents, and investors of various nationalities. Its aim was to preserve the rights of landowners and to update their data, especially with the presence of old data that has not been updated for a long time. For instance, solving the problem of similarity in names which would cause a delay in some transactions. Therefore, and as a solution, landowners’ names were linked with their ID number to avoid any names’ similarities, to facilitate the procedures for the department’s customers, and to ensure the rights of all landowners in the real estate sector in Sharjah.


His Excellency Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Shamsi, Director General of Sharjah Real Estate Registration Department, commended the success of the campaign and praised the great cooperation shown by the District & Villages Affairs Department represented by its chairman, His Excellency Khamis bin Salem Al Suwaidi, and all its employees for their full cooperation, harnessing all the capabilities of the department, and for opening the doors of suburban councils in various areas to the landowners throughout the previous period, which at the end resulted in the success of the campaign.


Al Shamsi stated that the number of landowners who participated in the campaign reached about 2100 landowners, while the number of property deeds that had been updated reached about 5,000 bonds distributed over the various areas and regions of the emirate.


His Excellency also explained that the campaign ended in the suburbs, but it will remain continuous in the different branches of the department, allowing the landowners who have not yet updated their data to come to the branches to complete the registration and to do the updates, ensuring that the update process is completely free.


Al Shamsi stressed that the department is constantly seeking to update its data, in order to guarantee the rights of real estate landowners, and to facilitate for them the management of their properties through developed e-services. Moreover, His Excellency thanked all real estate landowners in the emirate for their cooperation with the campaign.



Attached Pictures:

  • Pictures during the landowners’ data updating campaign in Sharjah.