Abu Dhabi Festival Presents Unique Episode for Oud Enthusiasts on 1 June

Featuring performances by oud players from Egypt, Iraq and Syria as part of the Global Oud Forum

Abu Dhabi Festival Presents Unique Episode for Oud Enthusiasts on 1 June

As part of a special commission and production, and under the sponsorship of its lead partner, Mubadala Investment Company (Mubadala), the 18th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival (ADF), held under the theme ‘The Future Starts Now’, streamed the latest episode of the Global Oud Forum across all its digital channels, on 1 June, at 8pm UAE time. The episode featured artists from Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

The third episode brought together performances by Hazem Shaheen and Mohammed Abozekry of Egypt, Ahmad Shamma of Iraq and Fateen Kanaan of Syria. The exciting episode also highlighted modern day pioneers in the oud making industry in a special report. A visit to Fawzi Monshed’s workshop in Basra was also featured, as well as an overview of music in the digital world presented by Dr. Ahmad Al Hinnawi.

Abu Dhabi Festival continues its global events and performances, presenting Episode Four of the Global Oud Forum on 5 June at 8pm UAE time.

Held between 25 March and 15 June, GOF 2021 consists of a unique series of seven TV-format episodes that present insights from academics and experts in the fields of music and the arts, the history and development of the oud and the ways in which the instrument is integrated into today’s digital music industry. The forum will also offer extensive reports on six distinguished oud makers from across the Arab world, with the participation of 27 oud musicians from 14 countries playing compositions written specifically for the oud.

Held under the theme ‘The Future Starts Now’, the year-long programme of the 18th edition of Abu Dhabi Festival combines a unique hybrid programme of virtual and in-person performances, exhibitions and events leveraging the latest digital technology, with the participation of over 500 artists from more than 50 countries. The Festival will provide audiences with 16 exciting world premieres, 12 festival productions, eight global co-productions and four exclusive commissions, with 1 global music tour.

About Abu Dhabi Festival

Founded in 2004, Abu Dhabi Festival was initially a small arts and culture platform that soon graduated to one of the world’s premiere annual events. Held in the UAE, it celebrates artistic and creative excellence, and promotes the role of music and the arts in bringing nations closer. It also promotes Abu Dhabi as a leading global hub for creativity and as an Emirati beacon for respect and tolerance.

Strengthened by a growing network of 30 international partners, the festival brings audiences together each year to enjoy world premieres and exclusive commissions in the UAE and around the world.

Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation

Founded in 1996, ADMAF is one of the oldest, not-for-profit cultural organisations in the Arabian Gulf. Pioneering new artistic practices, it seeks to deepen global cross-cultural dialogue and inspire a renewed interest in the creativity of the UAE and Arab world. Often in partnership with leading national and international institutions, it delivers multidisciplinary initiatives for people of all ages, backgrounds and nationalities through the Abu Dhabi Festival, year-round youth platforms and community programmes.

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