Strategise, build, and execute on new game on HUAWEI AppGallery: صعود السلاطين" الجديدة  والحماسية على متجر  HUAWEI AppGallery 

Strategise, build, and execute on new game on HUAWEI AppGallery: ‘Civilizations: Rise of Sultans’

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 07 June 2021:  HUAWEI AppGallery, a top-three application marketplace and game developer’s first launch destination, has recently added ‘Civilizations: Rise of Sultans’, a popular strategy and war game to their portfolio. Available to download across the MENA region, ‘Civilizations: Rise of Sultans’ promises to take mobile gaming lovers on a memorable, challenging quest with arresting graphics and engaging plots specifically designed to appeal to regional gamers.

‘Civilizations: Rise of Sultans’ is developed by Yalla Games Limited, a prominent MENA gaming developer. In the game, players revive ancient civilizations, recruit heroes like Qutuz, Saladin, and Antara, create alliances, and embark on unique in-game adventures. Players can also find artefacts that have been missing for thousands of years, fight to avoid the seizing of valuable resources, enjoy multiple PvP (player-vs-player) wars, and much more. To deliver on PvP interactivity, the game also allows players to connect with other players from around the Arab world and beyond.

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Mobile gamers with Huawei devices across the MENA region can now download the game here.

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