Introducing Tawazoun, the ‘Think-Do Tank’ tackling the balance agenda Founded by Hanane Benkhallouk to celebrate diversity and cultivate balance

Introducing Tawazoun, the ‘Think-Do Tank’ tackling the balance agenda

Founded by Hanane Benkhallouk to celebrate diversity and cultivate balance

Tawazoun, which means balance in Arabic, is a collaborative, ‘Think-Do Tank’ founded by award-winning entrepreneur and Founder of Sustain Leadership, Hanane Benkhallouk, that engages both men and women in the discussion of how we can advance the gender balance agenda. Tawazoun tackles the issue in a fresh, fundamentally different way, with the aim to create lasting change.

From the many lessons learned over the past year, if there is one thing that was confirmed and exposed by the global crisis it is that the world is imbalanced on many fronts – not only in gendered terms. In the post-pandemic landscape individuals realized the value and importance of balance, in life, in work environments, in societies, and even within the environment. As a result, Tawazoun expanded from an initial idea and evolved into a platform that calls on everyone, from all walks of life, to come together, in order to connect, share ideas and to embrace balance for self, at home, at work The founding premise of Tawazoun is grounded in developing balanced people today, for a balanced world tomorrow. Tawazoun asks how we can create change, if we don’t have the imagination and foresight to create a different world for ourselves?

Taking on a human-centric approach, Tawazoun serves as an initial space that calls for individuals, organizations, change makers, policy makers, and everyone who feels the need to bring balance to themselves, their surroundings, and the wider world, to share their views. Whether those views might be gender-related, societal, social, or environmental – it’s about free-thinking, breaking stereotypes and fundamentally making way for Tawazoun or balance in our lives.“توازن” تدعو أفراد المجتمع إلى التواصل وتبادل الأفكار  لتحقيق التوازن في كافة جوانب الحياة

The resulting insights from diverse groups of people, enable and feed into the development and growth of the platform, whilst creating conversations and igniting ideas. In time, this will help

implement initiatives, and tangible programs that will achieve the ultimate goal of creating a more balanced world.

Tawazoun calls on individuals to get involved on many different levels from Sponsors, who will act as balance champions and create funding awareness, to Advocates who will publicly recommend and support the vision. Contributors will ideate planning and ensure the smooth running of the movement and Speakers will deliver presentations and take part in panels, in order to spread awareness.

About Hanane Benkhallouk

Hanane has a diverse 18-year career, that includes being in charge of innovation and entrepreneurship programs across the Arab World and at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum foundation. A certified innovation and transformation strategist, Hanane works today as the Executive Director of Sustain Leadership, a consultancy specialized in strategic leadership, Innovation and diversity and inclusion. Hanane is passionate about developing female talent and entrepreneurs. Hanane has worked with +500 entrepreneurs, supported +20 incubators/accelerators/entrepreneurship developments spaces and platforms in more than 20 countries across the globe. Hanane has also pioneered a number of regional and international initiatives that aim at advancing the gender balance agenda, such as Lean in Arabia, The Link, Soroptimit international to name a few. She also sits on the advisory board of a number of SMEs and NGOs and is a recognized thought leader, global conference speaker and a published author. Hanane’s vision is to contribute to the move of the Arab Region into an innovation and knowledge-based economy. Her active work has earned her multiple awards such as the Game Changer award by the Middle East Institute of Excellence.