The International Finance Awards Grants Asiacell Two Wins in Their Top Prestigious Categories for 2021

The International Finance Awards Grants Asiacell Two Wins in Their Top Prestigious Categories for 2021

Iraq’s leading mobile telecommunications and digital services provider in Iraq, Asiacell, for the third year in a row, gets honoured with two awards at the International Finance Awards for its humanitarian contributions to the Iraqi communities and its breakthrough digital services and technological solutions. The International Finance Awards is a global terrace that seeks to honour and celebrate innovative solutions, stories of leadership, and technical capabilities on an international scale. The illustrious conference aims to highlight the significance of interconnectedness and digitalisation in the contemporary global business infrastructure, demonstrating how interconnectivity is at the epicentre of all business networks.

Asiacell took home the awards of ‘Best Telecommunications Company’ for its superlative internet coverage, innovative technical solutions, and quality digital services; in addition to ‘Best Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR) Company’ for its philanthropic initiatives, charitable endeavours, and generous donations throughout the Iraqi provinces.

Being in line with its vision in creating a sustainable and growing socio-economic environment, Asiacell continues to carry out multiple creative initiatives and projects that advocate for the youth, strengthen local business infrastructure, and encourage continuous learning and development. Asiacell aims to take its corporate social responsibility (CSR) earnestly and strives to be Iraq’s leading advocate for corporate citizenship by staying committed to developing strategies that are environmentally friendly, locally empowering, and ecologically sustainable.جوائز التمويل الدولية تمنح آسياسيل جائزتين من أفضل فئاتها لعام ٢٠٢١

Chra Hussein, Asiacell’s chief commercial officer, stated: “We are proud and ecstatic to be able to say that Asiacell has won these prestigious awards for three years in a row now. This shows the diligent work and massive efforts put forward by our resilient, hard-working, and exuberant people. Asiacell considers itself part of the Iraqi family, and as part of this family, we always dedicate ourselves to making this place a better home for our people. We continuously seek novel and creative solutions that we can apply to our already found solid network and infrastructure to keep improving our operations and make everything easy and accessible for our communities. Such moments of international acknowledgement and honour is truly humbling, and it encourages us to keep working towards Asiacell’s vision of building a community that is socially and economically prosperous while advocating for integrity, inclusion, and unity continuously”.

About Asiacell

Asiacell is the leading mobile telecommunications and digital services provider in Iraq, exceeding a subscriber base of 14.7 million satisfied customers as of January 1st, 2021. Asiacell is recognised as the first mobile carrier to operate in Iraq and the first to achieve full nationwide coverage, offering quality 4G services across all Iraqi governorates. Asiacell’s network covers 99.06% of the Iraqi population, making its national network the most extensive among the other two mobile operators in Iraq. Since January 2015, Asiacell is proud to be the best internet service provider offering the highest quality network in Iraq.