Redefine Photography with vivo’s X60 Pro

Redefine Photography with vivo’s X60 Pro

In today’s world, the quality of a smartphone’s camera is almost as important as the smartphone itself. With people carrying their smartphones with them everywhere they go, it is critical that their devices can capture different scenes with clarity.

As a company that puts consumers first, vivo launched its X60 series flagship smartphones with the aim to deliver the ultimate mobile photography experience. With professional-grade camera technologies, best-in-class optical lenses and collaboration with ZEISS, a global leader in optics and opto-electronics, the X60 Pro is set to redefine photography.

Here’s a look at some of the smartphone’s photography features.

Professional-grade Cameras

Whether you are a professional photographer or not, the X60 Pro caters to users who want to record and share the best moments of their lives simply and easily.

One of the X60 Pro’s main features are its cameras – a 32MP front camera, and a 48MP Main Camera, a 13MP 50mm Professional Portrait Camera and a 13MP Ultra-wide Camera on the rear. These cameras, enhanced by artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, can independently correct distortion, helping users to capture the best moments of their lives.هاتف فيفو X60 Pro يعيد تعريف التصوير الفوتوغرافي

vivo x ZEISS

vivo and ZEISS collaborated on developing an imaging system for the X60 series that has passed all professional testing processes performed by ZEISS, including an original optical review, optical hardware testing and actual photography verification. The X60 Pro integrates the vivo ZEISS Co-engineered Imaging System, bringing ZEISS’s imaging quality to smartphones and making its photography function even more powerful.

ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style

For the first time, consumers can now access ZEISS Biotar Portrait Style on vivo’s X60 series. This new feature allows them to create customized professional portraits with an unprecedented center sharpness and unique swirly harmonious bokeh. By rebuilding the spatial depth and the blurred SOPT model, the X60 Pro can replicate the rotation bokeh of the ZEISS Biotar camera.

Gimbal Stabilization 2.0

Another upgrade on the X60 Pro is gimbal stabilization 2.0. The 48MP Main Camera with a large aperture (1.48) takes in up to 16 percent more light compared to the X50 Pro. Blurry images are a thing of the past with the innovative gimbal that moves the lens in the opposite direction to compensate for camera shakes.

Pro Sports Mode

The X60 Pro relies on the upgraded gimbal camera system and motion detection algorithms to address the common challenges users face when taking motion snapshots, including out-of-focus blur, motion smear resulting from the shutter not being fast enough and image blur due to hand tremors.

Extreme Night Vision 2.0

The AI noise reduction algorithm pushes boundaries and supports ultra-high ISO, setting new noise reduction levels for extremely dark environments. Building upon the well-received technologies of the X50 series, such as semantic recognition of multi-layer fusion and intelligent dynamic frame grabbing, the X60 Pro guarantees excellent night tones and quality.

About vivo
vivo is a leading, product-driven, global technology company, with its core business focusing on smart devices and intelligent services. vivo is committed to connecting users around the globe, through design of exciting and innovative smartphones and companion devices, as well as services which integrate technology and design thinking in unique and creative ways. Following the company core values, which include innovation, consumer orientation and benfen*, vivo has implemented a sustainable development strategy, with the vision of becoming a leading, long-lasting, world-class enterprise.

With headquarters in China, supported by a network of 9 R&D centers in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo and San Diego, vivo is focusing on the development of state-of-the-art consumer technologies, including 5G, artificial intelligence, industrial design, photography and other up-and-coming technologies. vivo has also set-up five production hubs (including brand authorized manufacturing center), across China, South- and Southeast Asia, manufacturing over 200 million smartphones each year. As of 2019, vivo has branched out its sales network across more than 30 countries and regions, and is loved by more than 350 million users worldwide