Lithuania – the country open for co-creation

Lithuania’s position at  Expo 2020 Dubai and

 reintroduced the country as a growing in different sectors


Abu Dhabi – June 29, 2021 : In participation to Expo 2020 in Dubai, Lithuania – as the largest Baltic country in Europe with flourishing conditions for businesses, investments, and attractions will have its very own pavilion named ‘Openarium’ located at the “Sustainability” thematic area.

Lithuania – the country open for co-creation

On the 768 Anniversary of the Statehood Day of the Republic of Lithuania, Chargé d‘Affaires of the Embassy of Lithuania in Abu Dhabi, Ms. Jurate Ramoskiene announced Lithuania’s position at  Expo 2020 Dubai and reintroduced Lithuania as a growing country in different sectors.

Being able to participate in a world stage to be held in the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania recognizes the importance of attending such a global event where 190 countries from all over the world will be present to connect and promote visions and aspirations. The country aims to further expand the continuous growth of the country in the fields of commercial, economic, and hospitality by showcasing what the country can offer in the global scene.

Appealing as one of the start-up friendly countries to begin businesses in various fields especially fintech, IT, life sciences, and gaming, Lithuania promotes an exceptional business ecosystem where excellent talents and growth potential foster. “As the Bureaucratic processes in Lithuania are shorter and decision-making faster than elsewhere, the opportunity to make ideas into implementation is easier. This favorable chance has been recognized as 11th place in the world for Ease of Doing Business, ranking 15th for start-up ecosystem globally, and in 2020 ranked 11th on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business,” she added.

With a recognizable position in the world’s economy, Lithuania seeks to take on new challenges in financial technology, cyber security, life sciences and other sectors that will shape up the future. Offering cutting-edge solutions to problems that are local and global, Lithuania aims to be a catalyst for change with openness and willingness to tackle global challenges, co-create and grow.

Having been known as the greenest cities in Europe, Lithuania’s tourism blossoms along with its development in different sectors. With green spaces covering 46 percent of its territory that supports the view of the people having nature as wealth, the country has so much to offer to tourists and travellers aside from local touristic attractions, arts in museums, culture, and cuisines. “Nature in Lithuania is always right beside you. Whether you are in a city centre or outside the city limits, there is green everywhere. Maybe that is why people in Vilnius are among the happiest with their quality of life among European capitals,” Ms. Jurate concluded.

Lithuania covers an expanse of 65 300 km² in the European region and is a home to 2.8 million people, with the capital Vilnius having 600,000 people alone. The forests cover 1/3 of the country with 6,000 lakes scattered across the country. The 90 km of coastline on the Baltic Sea is a treasure aside from the majestic position of having Scandinavia as a neighbour country.