Dolphin Speed Boats supplies the Egyptian market with top-notch products

Dolphin Speed Boats supplies the Egyptian market with top-notch products

The company’s factory features the best boat building technologies to craft customised boats with innovative designs, while also offering comprehensive maintenance services for an unparalleled boating experience

 In line with Egypt’s Vision 2030, which focuses on enhancing the economic capabilities through innovation and development, as well as improving the quality of locally produced products, Dolphin Speed ​​Boats has introduced a number of speed boats for both leisure and water sports. This meets the needs of this sector, which is witnessing steady growth, supporting the vision of the leadership to develop domestic tourism and attracting more foreign tourists to learn about Egypt’s distinctive landmarks. These include Egypt’s unique coastline on the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, which makes Egypt a distinctive destination for marine tourism.

Dolphin Speed Boats has become the first provider of an integrated safe and enjoyable boating experience. The company has introduced three models this season; Flash for those looking for durability and quality within a budget; Arrow, a speed boat that is the most powerful in the range for water sports adventurers; and Legend, which is designed for family trips and fishing enthusiasts.

In response to the growing e-commerce market in Egypt, Dolphin Speed Boats has launched the first integrated online store for premium boating equipment and accessories. The portal provides a wide selection of water sports equipment at competitive prices. Additionally, this summer, the company has launched a special offer for free door-to-door delivery.Dolphin Speed Boats supplies the Egyptian market

The Egyptian marine tourism economy

Commenting on Dolphin Speed Boats’ support for the Egyptian economy and marine tourism, Eng. Hussein El Bagouri, Owner of Dolphin Speed Boats said: “Marine tourism in Egypt is an untapped treasure. This sector provides numerous investment opportunities, especially with the mega infrastructure and high-end real estate projects in most coastal cities. This coincides with the recovery the Egyptian tourism sector will see in 2021, according to the Egyptian Center for Economic Studies. All of this has prompted us to launch solution packages to provide an integrated boating experience built around the customer. We strive to meet the growing needs of Egyptian consumers for world-class products, while providing them with the service benefits of a factory close to them. We offer three packages; multi-size speed boats, the best water sports products; and comprehensive warranty and maintenance services. We want our customers to experience an integrated comfortable marine life that is fun and full of activities.”

El Bagouri added: “Through our work, we support marine tourism in Egypt and offer ideal solutions for cruise and water sports companies. We have launched the Marine Tourism Entrepreneurs package, which guarantees the best products at competitive prices compared to used or imported boats. These are ready to use all year round with guaranteed immediate service round the clock. On the other hand, we target Egyptian consumers, who not only have the purchasing power, but also want to partake in marine adventures and practice water sports. We are here to serve them, in the summer and winter, and offer them integrated solutions to manage and service their boats. This provides them with the highest return on investment in our products, compared to the hassle of imported products and the malfunctions of used boats.”

Leadership in e-commerce

Ghada El Bagouri, General Manager of Dolphin Speed ​​Boats, said: “In response to the growing demand for online shopping, especially since the onset of the pandemic, we have launched, as the first integrated online store in Egypt for speed boats and water sports equipment and accessories from top international brands. The portal is a one-stop-shop for water sports lovers.

She added: “Additionally, for the convenience of our customers, we provide free delivery of all products purchased through our website for a seamless online shopping experience from any Egyptian city. Our customers also get a one-year warranty on all products purchased through our online store and a guarantee of the replacement of any product in the event of a manufacturing defect. These are value-added features offered by us in comparison to other international websites.”

Supporting the boating sector

Dolphin Speed ​​Boats provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services to boat owners of various brands in Egypt, including boats imported from abroad. The company’s proficient technical team can carry out any customisations and modifications of boats, adding accessories and additional parts, especially the pieces that connect water sports equipment to boats and fix them to withstand the highest speed. With the capabilities of its integrated facility, Dolphin Speed ​​Boats helps boat owners enhance their boats, allowing them to add any equipment they want to experience unique marine adventures.

About Dolphin Marine:

Dolphin Marine Services boasts an extensive history of Egyptian marine-related activity. Originally incepted in Alexandria, in 1977, as Alex. Supply and Marine Services, the company has been operating under its now more familiar moniker of Dolphin Marine since 1995. Aspiring to expand operations within the Middle East, the company entered the UAE market by opening a Dubai branch in 2012.

About Dolphin Speedboats:

Dolphin Speedboats is a pioneering boat manufacturer, which uses Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) in their boats. The first of its kind in Egypt to use VIP to ensure top quality and excellence. Dolphin’s Speed Boats is setting an industry standard for builders in the speedboats cluster. The speedboats are reinventing the industry standard – taking construction and elegance beyond the status quo. Innovative construction and cutting-edge techniques push Dolphin Speed Boats into uncharted waters, setting a new standard in offshore performance, dependability and quality. The boats are strong, bold and advanced – combining the highest durability and rugged utility, with modern excellence and sophistication. It uses Vacuum Infusion Process – a technique that uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a laminate.