Rivoli Group Hosts Pop-Up Boutique by OMEGA at Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates

Rivoli Group Hosts Pop-Up Boutique by OMEGA at Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates

The curated experience was created especially for ladies during the festive period and concluded on 22nd July

The Rivoli Group, a leader and innovator in the retail sector of watches, jewellery as well as eyewear has created a unique shopping experience for discerning ladies with a penchant for luxurious Swiss watches and jewellery by OMEGA. The pop-up boutique concept which began on the 1st of July at Mirdif City Center and from the 13th of July in Mall of the Emirates showcased high-end jewellery watch pieces by OMEGA.

OMEGA has always been in the forefront when creating exclusive timepieces for women and is known for its elegant and fashion-forward designs. Showcasing a myriad of stunning timepieces, guests were able to walk through the timeless collections on display at the pop-up boutique. As ladies sipped on their qahwa and cappuccino, they were taken through an array of beautiful designs with exquisite jewellery detailed on the watch collections to choose and enjoy from.

The ambience of the boutique embodied the elegance of the OMEGA watch brand and the entire experience lent to itself a certain allure and style that one can expect from the Rivoli Group with its exclusive customer service at the pop-up.

Ramesh Prabhakar, Vice Chairman and Managing Partner of the Rivoli Group said, “We have had a long-standing partnership with OMEGA as their representative in this market and as one of the largest premium watch retailers in the GCC region, Rivoli has always sought to create innovative customer experiences. Pop-up stores allow customers to get intimate with a brand and we wanted to bring that vibe to our audience. A unique retail activation such as these pop-up boutiques is just one amongst many of our upcoming customer-centric engagements that we hope to continuously bring to our discerning shoppers”.مجموعة ريفولي تطلق بوتيك بوب اب من أوميغا في مول الإمارات

“Our goal was to create something that motivates shoppers to engage at a very personalized level with the brand and one that creates an exclusive and authentic experience outside of the typical boutique environment. We also wanted to cater specifically to the ladies this time and thus chose to collaborate with OMEGA’s beautiful ladies timepieces in a distinctive ambience”, added Abraham Koshy, Chief Operating Officer of the Rivoli Group, Watch Division.

The pop-up boutique experience was organized by the Rivoli Group at Mirdif City Center and Mall of the Emirates, which witnessed many Emirati and Arab Expat ladies shopping for themselves, their friends as well as their family members from the unique collections that were on display. The Rivoli Group considers the OMEGA pop up’s a huge success and hopes to entice more such lady connoisseurs of high-end jewelry and watches through the replication of this unique retail concept in other emirates & regions where the brand is represented.

About Rivoli Group

Since 1988, The Rivoli Group has been building a strong position within the fast-growing retail environment in the UAE and the lower Gulf states to become one of the largest luxury lifestyle retailers in the Middle East offering a wide range of product categories from watches, writing instruments, leather accessories, gift items and eyewear. Matching these luxury and lifestyle brands with impeccable service, the Rivoli Group has set new standards of retailing excellence in the region by establishing retail concepts like Rivoli Prestige, Rivoli, Hour Choice, Avanti, Rivoli EyeZone & Style 88.

Rivoli Group is the exclusive distributors and retailers of Omega in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.