Atiab AlMalak launches Qaboos Al Salam perfume

Atiab AlMalak launches Qaboos Al Salam perfume

Atiab AlMalak Establishment was established by the virtuous owner of the project, Murshid bin Rashid Al Hakmani, and with the help of his virtuous wife, Iman bint Khamis Al Hakmaniya, with the aim of offering a new Omani product with distinctive features and scents that are made by 100% Omani hands.

Among the most important factors that contributed to the success of the company: working with ambition to reach success, careful study even in the smallest details, credibility has a major role in success and was a priority, as well as good marketing.

Murshid bin Rashid Al-Hakmani says: We have proudly risen to the sky of creativity with the products and perfumes offered by Atiab AlMalak, which take you by its charm to a world of excellence with beautiful assortments and perfumes rich in the scent of nature and a professional industry that makes you feel satisfied. We create for you. We have many challenges, most notably the strong competition in the local market in particular and the Gulf in general, but we have overcome them thanks to will, ambition, quality of production and good marketing.أطياب الملاك تطلق عطر قابوس السلام

As for the distinguished product, Qaboos Al-Salam Perfume, it belongs to His Excellency, this name is dear to every Omani and Arab, and how can we forget his loftiness and talk is not enough if we talk. One of the most important components of this perfume is white and black amber, and this perfume has achieved outstanding sales since its launch in the market.

Atiab AlMalak Perfumes is a leading company in the manufacture of perfumes and natural soaps. It is distinguished in the extraction of essential oils and the manufacture of lotions and other perfumes. It provides its services through its stores in the local markets and through the institution’s website as well as through participation in exhibitions inside and outside the Sultanate. It is characterized by free delivery service, number of branches Atiab AlMalak is currently active in 13 branches. Its last stop was at the end of June 2021 with the opening of a Salalah branch in the Governorate of Dhofar, and the company’s future plan is to expand in the Gulf and globally