Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 July 2021 — Shure Middle East, a global leader in audio electronics, has announced a new range of microphones that are easy to set up and can enhance audio for those working from home. The new Shure MV5C microphone, is a small but mighty home office microphone that provides studio-quality sound for a home office. Also, the popular Shure MV7 podcast microphone announced last year, which also doubles up as an ideal microphone for those looking for next-level audio at home, now comes with a bundle of innovative accessories for easy plug and play.

Video conferencing and working from home are here to stay. Many employees have set up a work environment at home to make them feel more comfortable and productive. A common issue that employees struggle with is the unwanted noise that their laptop/computer microphones pick up from the user’s surrounding area. An easy solution is to buy an external microphone that is designed with the home environment in mind, to elevate the user’s audio game during a pitch, presentation or an important meeting.

Shure MV5C

The Shure MV5C is an essential tool for the home office that connects directly to a Mac or Windows computer via provided USB cables and significantly enhances the audio quality. The directional microphone element enables better collaboration with high-quality audio by increasing voice isolation and helping to minimize room reverberation. This microphone is ideal for those working in a small home office space and will make users sound just as good as they do in the boardroom.شور تطرح ميكروفونين محمولين لتسهيل العمل في المكتب المنزلي

Shure MV7 Bundle

The Shure MV7 microphone designed for podcasters and vocalists, has enhanced audio controls, making it perfect for those looking for superior sound, at home. The microphone delivers versatility and control, flexible connectivity options, and high-quality audio in a sleek, compact design. The newly launched bundle includes a mini tripod and a yoke to easily adjust the microphone for maximum comfort.

Both microphones are compatible with third-party software conferencing platforms including Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

About Shure

Shure ( has been making people sound extraordinary for nearly a century. Founded in 1925, the Company is a leading global manufacturer of audio equipment known for quality, performance, and durability. We make microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear monitors, earphones and headphones, conferencing systems, and more. For critical listening, or high-stakes moments on stage, in the studio, and from the meeting room, you can always rely on Shure.

Shure Incorporated is headquartered in Niles, Illinois, in the United States. We have nearly 40 manufacturing facilities and regional sales offices throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia.