500 Recovery Vehicles to be Available through The Emirati “Lift My Car” App

  •  The App will be Launched in December and Covers all UAE

Abu Dhabi, November 1st, 2021 – Emirati entrepreneur Rashed Khalaf Al Nayli, developer of the “Lift My Car” app, the Middle East’s largest and most comprehensive vehicle recovery application, revealed that the app’s official version will be available to the public by mid-December once all development and review work has been completed.

During the first phase, the “Lift My Car” app will include over 500 recovery vehicles across the Emirates, offering its users the ability to book the closest recovery vehicle within a short period of time via their smartphones. Based on the geographical location, the app will link the user to the closest available recovery vehicle driver for an affordable fee payable through a secure electronic payment system, Al Nayli explained.

“ليفت ماي كار” أكبر تطبيق إماراتي بالشرق الأوسط لنقل السيارات

Al Nayli also pointed out that the app can be further utilised by transport and towing companies as well as drivers wishing to join the app’s service providers. Companies can leverage the app’s potential customer database to grow their profits and expand their business operations.

He added that the application, upon its release through the App Store and Google Play Store, will most likely achieve a high download rate thanks to its functionality and convenience that saves time and effort in finding recovery vehicles in emergency situations and car breakdowns around the clock and across the country. The app also provides transportation options for various types of vehicles, such as sports and luxury cars, which require special arrangements or privacy cover.

Nervous young man using smartphone calling car assistance services standing by breakdown automobile on the roadside at sunset.

“I am mostly grateful to the support that the UAE offers to innovative ideas, projects, and young entrepreneurs. Thanks to the country’s highly advanced digital infrastructure and legislative system, I’m able to develop and publish the Lift My Car app.  And I’m extremely hopeful that this app will be of great benefit and service to everyone in the UAE, especially with the absence of an integrated and dedicated platform to request recovery vehicle services, similar to the other available car and delivery services application,” Al Nayli said.

Al Nayli noted that the app was developed over several months by a team of local and international expert app developers. The first operational phase of the application aims to cover the local UAE market, while the next phase will aim to cover the GCC market, where, according to a report by the Frost & Sullivan Firm, an estimated 19 million vehicles were on the road in 2020.

Nervous young man using smartphone calling car assistance services standing by breakdown automobile on the roadside at sunset.

It is worth mentioning that in the last few years several pioneering apps were developed in the UAE, some of which succeeded in attracting millions of users in the region and their developers received acquisition offers from global companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. The UAE’s digital infrastructure, in addition to having one of the highest numbers globally of smartphone users, makes the country most appealing and advantageous to app developers. According to the “World Digital Report 2021” from Hootsuite and We Are Social, 97.6% of the UAE population owns a smartphone, and in 2020 UAE residents spent 320 million hours on smartphone apps.

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