Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure showcase its efforts to support energy sector

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure showcase its efforts to support energy sector

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure reviewed the UAE’s efforts in the sustainability of energy sector at the ministry’s platform in Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference ‘ADIPEC 2021’.

The ministry showcased its pioneering projects and latest practices and sustainable technologies that will contribute to creating a mix of energy sources and balance between sustainable development and reducing climate change as part of the energy strategy 2050 and the UAE Net Zero initiative to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.مسودة تلقائية

Ahmed Al Kaabi, Assistant Undersecretary for Petroleum, Gas and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, affirmed that the ministry’s future target is to enhance the cooperation of the sustainability of the energy sector by improving energy efficiency system in the industrial and mining facilities, as well as enacting laws and legislation that encourage everyone to produce clean energy and empowering and developing national cadres working in the sector through cooperation with specialised institutes and centres for geological research and development.

He said: “UAE has solid planning for the future of energy and climate change. In 2017, we studied our options in the energy sources, as well as, how to use them to make our cities among the world’s most livable cities in the future. UAE is one of the top countries looking for clean energy, as it shaped the initiatives and vision to move for a new level aim to have different types of energy sources to increase the contribution of clean energy in the total energy mix to 50%.”

He pointed that UAE has various sources of energy like clean energy, sustainable energy like solar plants, converting waste into energy, nuclear, hydrogen, hydropower biofuels/biogas.

“Clean energy is the main pillar of sustainability and a priority in the country. The UAE leading the efforts to adopt latest innovations to face climate change and reduce global warming,” he added