Morocco Pavilion’s ‘Mbokka Project’ brings African rhythms to Expo

DUBAI, 21 November 2021Mbokka Project, a group of seven musicians from five African countries, delighted audiences with a blend of lively African music at the Sun Stage and the Morocco Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai on Saturday.

The musicians came from Morocco, Mali, Senegal, Congo and Ivory Coast, and sang in Arabic, Wolof, Bombara and Baoulé.

Mariam Koné, Mbokka Projects’ vocalist and guitarist from Mali, said: “Mbokka Project was the idea of the Moroccan NGO Africayna to bring together different strains of African music and package it for modern audiences. All musicians share the pleasure of playing the music of Africa. This is an African project by Africans. There is already a lot of music of other counties and continents going around. So, why not create and blend African rhythms to celebrate our unique style of music? Mbokka Project is doing just that.”