Swedish startup Ekkono win Siemens Mindsphere Future World Series Energy Hackathon

Dubai, 2 December, 2021: Siemens yesterday (1 December) hosted the Energy Hackathon final of its MindSphere Future World Series, which saw a series of teams propose their ideas before a jury. The grand winner was Ekkono from Sweden, who won for their fresh take on a product that can scale down to run on tiny devices. This technology utilises machine learning on sensor data onboard the device.

The team won following a Dragons Den-style pitch and grilling process, where each contestant is given a few minutes to explain their idea, with follow-up questions posed by the judges. Following all four teams’ proposals, the judges then convened to pick the winner.

John Lindén, CEO and Co-Founder of Ekkono said: “This award is amazing for us– you put pretty much your life into building a startup and then you get to where things happen, getting confirmation from a global company such as Siemens is a fantastic proof point for the strength of our technology. We provide one component in the bigger solution and Siemens provides the wider context for this, as well as greater credibility for Ekkono.”

The four teams who pit themselves to win include:

Ekkono from Sweden, a software company that provides machine learning to MindSphere, with a product that can scale down to run on tiny devices.

Talos IoT from the US has developed an interactive dashboard on Mindsphere which monitors real-time data, and makes predictions for HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units that activate maintenance where required.

Pandata Tech from the US offer an AI and data solution through MindSphere, which provides businesses and federal organizations the information they need to make key decisions in daily operations and planning.

Koolboks based in Paris, France but mainly operating in Nigeria uses MindSphere to manage and monitor energy-efficient solar-powered cooling systems, enabling more affordable access to clean refrigeration.

The MindSphere Future World Series aims to bring together people who care to help make our world smarter, more liveable, and sustainable, through a series of challenges to find viable solutions to crucial sustainability issues hosted by Siemens MindSphere at Expo 2020 Dubai.