WrkBay Co-working Space giving off major summer camp vibes

What started out as a gorgeous co-working space featuring private and communal spaces, a conference room, printers, WiFi, coffee, tea and snacks is now evolving into an incredible resource for working parents and their children, while also fostering a community for like-minded professionals to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, socialize, network, collaborate, and share knowledge.

As the schools are shutting down for the much-awaited summer holidays, WrkBay Co-working & Café has announced the launch of a summer camp to help the young ones spend their holidays productively while the parents can sit in a quiet distraction-free, fully equipped co-working space to get their work done.

To keep the juveniles entertained during their holidays, parents need to keep games, crafts, projects, experiments, and so many other activities handy. This summer, WrkBay Co-working & Café is hosting an array of exciting summer activities for tots, teenagers, and surprisingly for adults too!

Children will enjoy craft activities, organized play and music and movement while parents can use the modern, streamlined office space with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity allowing them to focus on work, while the boutique creative space cum playground will keep six years plus entertained and occupied with sensory-rich toys and activities that will encourage their imagination.

Various activities listed as a part of the summer camp include culinary classes where these young chefs will indulge in their passion for food preparation and also learn a thing or two about collaborating with their peers and kitchen safety. From rolling the dough to choosing their topping for the pizza, they will have fun preparing the meals and eating them too.

Slime making, unleashing their inner Picasso with pot painting and canvas painting, baking their own little cupcakes and bread, and watching a movie will also be a part of this summer camp. These activities will also help them to develop other skill sets such as executive functioning to fine motor development, and to sensory exploration.

For the adults, the space offers robust health and wellness programs consisting of activities that can help them destress and feel engaged. These include workplace mindfulness workshops, nutrition talks, sound healing, meditation and yoga classes with certified experts to help them feel energized and rejuvenated while also improving concentration, bringing more harmony into their life thus facilitating healing on a physical and mental level. For the details of these workshops, please send a DM to WrkBay’s Instagram account.

This integrated learn, work, and play space has the goal of fostering productivity, creativity and community for children and parents alike. As an additional perk, the café at the co-working space offers a mouth-watering snack menu including flat breads, sandwiches, croissants, healthy salads, coffee drinks, iced tea, desserts and more.

Location: WrkBay Co-working & Cafe, Al Karama

Date: Sunday, July 3rd to Thursday, July 7th, 2022

Timings: 11 am to 2:30 pm

Price: 1250 AED per child with 20% discount for siblings

Age: 6- to 12-year-olds