UAE-based Web3 Pioneer, Bedu Bolsters its Commitment to the Community of Creatives with its Second Curated Art Drop

‘Colonies On Mars: Our Artists’ Visions’ features pieces submitted by nine different artists from around the world, each of which focuses on humanity’s conquest of the Red Planet – a theme chosen to honour the UAE’s space mission to Mars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bedu, Dubai’s foremost pioneer in Web3 technologies and solutions recently announced its second curated art drop titled, “Colonies On Mars: Our Artists’ Visions.”

The Mars Colonization Curated Drop project featured works from nine artists, each of whom contributed up to two art pieces. Those that submitted only one piece of art did so in the form of an “open edition” token that allows unlimited minting for a predefined, limited period. For those artists that submitted two pieces, the second one was in the form of a “limited edition” token that imposes a rigid supply limit.UAE-based Web3 Pioneer, Bedu Bolsters its Commitment to the Community of Creatives with its Second Curated Art Drop

The featured artists were French national Thomas Dubois, an award-winning artist, film director, and art director. Dubois’ projects include “Outer Space” and “Mars Pearl” – which will be airdropped to collectors of “Outer Space” for free. Along with 23-year-old Kurdish digital artist Kaiwan Shaban, Ben Bauchau, a digital artist on a self-described quest for “meaning in the realms of the unconscious”; Marcel Deneuve, an artist with a passion for “world-building”; Rui Huang, a 21-year-old concept artist from China who specialises in using real-time rendering techniques to create epic sci-fi art; Stefan Grobe Halbuer, a graphic designer and digital artist from Munster, Germany whose current projects include “Cycle of the Shroom” and its spinoff “Shroomheads“; 33-year-old concept artist and illustrator Reza Afshar, who has a professional background in video games, movies and animation; Maciek Wolanski, an illustrator and art director based in Warsaw, Poland; and Alon Kartin, a data scientist and computer-vision engineer with a passion for creating and expressing ideas using technology.

The recent drop follows the launch of Bedu’s UAENFT Keypass, a unique membership scheme for the non-fungible token community launched by the company’s curated NFT unit UAENFT.

We celebrate some of the finest minds in digital art who explore a theme dear to the UAE – the colonisation of Mars,” said Amin Al Zarouni, Chief Executive Officer, Bedu.

At Bedu, we value this artistic expression, and the latest drop reflects our commitment to championing their creative freedom in the new frontier of Web3. Such avenues provide a platform for passionate artists to not only showcase their unique creations but also enrich a community of individuals that are driving the country into the digital future.”

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