Exeed Wins Massive Attention with National Auto Awards Sponsorship

The 10th PR Arabia National Auto Award, which ended recently, has become the focus of the whole industry in recent days. As the only official auto sponsor of this award, it is undoubtedly that EXEED gets noticed again.

Exeed Wins Massive Attention with National Auto Awards Sponsorship

Established in 2012, the National Auto Award is a non-profit award launched by PR Arabia, an organization focusing on automobile industry marketing and media communication, aiming to boost the development of Saudi Arabian automobile industry. This award is managed by global standards and is supervised by various experts in automotive and mechanical engineering, as well as racing champions. With the successful holding for 9 consecutive years, the National Auto Award has become the most influential industry award in Saudi Arabia.

Based on the unique industry influence of the Award, EXEED, as an emerging luxury car brand, has the opportunity to obtain sponsorship at the first time. The head of EXEED brand said that sponsoring the National Auto Award for the first time is the embodiment of EXEED’s brand spirit of constantly surpassing itself and daring to explore the unknown. In addition, making debut at this event like this will attract more people to recognize and understand the brand of EXEED.

With an international team in charge of R&D, design and marketing, as well as on the basis of first-class design and leading technology, EXEED is a luxury brand for the global high-end market. Committed to the ultimate pursuit of high quality, EXEED has established a European R&D center in Munich, Germany, and attracted hundreds of designers and engineers who boast first-class qualifications in Europe and rich experience from BMW and Jaguar Land Rover. In the meantime, EXEED also reached cooperation with American Quantum LLC and top suppliers in Europe and America, thus accumulating rich capabilities in technical platform development and expansion. By learning from the century-long experience of the European automobile industry, EXEED is constantly exploring the boundaries of auto design and manufacturing based on the concept of “Born For More”.

Under the brand spirit of “constant exploration and transcendence” and the global top strategic resources, EXEED took the lead in launching the M3X Mars architecture at the beginning of its establishment, opening the intelligent era of modular vehicle manufacturing. Under this architecture, EXEED has successfully launched three major products, including VX, TXL and LX, which have occupied different consumption levels respectively and accurately satisfied the needs of market segments.

Since its entry into the Saudi market in April this year, EXEED has impressed Saudi users by virtue of its cutting-edge design, luxury quality and leading intelligent technologies. EXEED also continues to strengthen its luxury brand image, and it previously made its debut in the International Falconry Festival through reassembly, gaining the attention of high-end users. This sponsorship of the National Automobile Award will help EXEED achieve a new brand height in the Saudi automobile industry, thus winning highlights again.

As a new entrant to the global high-end automobile market, EXEED inherits the century-long accumulation of European automobile industry and integrates the latest intelligent technology in China, thus giving it the strength to challenge traditional luxury brands. Furthermore, with the continuous promotion of Saudi Arabia’s market strategy, EXEED will also meet with users by organizing and sponsoring more high-end activities.

It is known that SUV models have always occupied a dominant position in the UAE auto market. As a high-end auto brand in the SUV segment, EXEED attaches special importance to this market and regards it as an important site in the process of internationalization. In the future, EXEED will also strive to enter the UAE market, offering more options of high-end travel modes for UAE users.