The Lithuanian Minister of Agriculture Commends the UAE’s Efforts in Developing the Agricultural Sector and Harnessing Modern Technologies in Providing Food Security Requirements

His Excellency Kęstutis Navickas, Minister of Agriculture of Lithuania, highlighted the importance of his country’s participation in the first session of the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition. He said that this exhibition reflects the interest and wise leadership of the UAE in strengthening efforts to develop the agricultural sectors to provide all requirements for food security and to utilize modern technology in agriculture and food industries.

His Excellency stated that the Abu Dhabi International Food Exhibition represents an ideal platform for Lithuania to learn about the requirements of the UAE, Gulf and Arab markets to expand their scope of cooperation in the field of exports and provide food production and processing techniques, as there is a large and continuous demand for healthy and environmentally friendly food products by the UAE markets.

He stressed that Lithuania possesses everything necessary to make it the best destination for food products for partners who set quality, sustainability and innovation at the top of their priorities.

He pointed out that the food industry in Lithuania significantly drives economic growth, as the size of agricultural industries in Lithuania doubled compared to other European countries. As estimated by Eurostat, the sector contributed 3.7% of Lithuania’s GDP in 2020, and its’ value-added increased to record levels of €1.5 billion annually.

His Excellency stated, “Agriculture and food trade are of utmost importance and contribution in all parts of the world, and aside from that, food is a basic need. This sector characterized by its breadth and diversity of methods of innovation in it. Lithuania has been able to exploit this vital sector to the fullest extent, has entered the global market from its extensive doors, and making the most of its rich natural resources by following studied scientific approaches and modern technological techniques.”

The Lithuanian Agriculture minister said,”Organic agriculture contributes to the creation of diverse and innovative opportunities in the field of food trade, thanks to the huge export potential that Lithuania benefit from.”

He added, “In 2021, the export rate of Lithuanian food products to the UAE increased by 32.8%, equivalent to approximately €8.5 million, which indicates the interest end export potential of the country’s high-quality agricultural products.

He ended, “Innovation in the field of food industries plays a major role in the prosperity of Lithuanian exports. The country continues to develop high-quality food commodities based on modern technological techniques and new production methods.”