Tips to keep your car tyres in good condition

Tyres are one of the most important components of your car. Without proper maintenance, you can put yourself and your passengers in a grave situation.

Keeping your car tyres in good condition is crucial to prioritise safety and increase your tyres’ life expectancy. But you may not be aware of how to keep your car in good condition, as people hardly talk about maintaining car tyres. If you need help, here are five tips to help you keep your tyres in good condition.

Maintain optimum pressure

Keep a check on the pressure of your car tyres. It should be of the optimal amount. The right tyre pressure is very important, as it impacts the car’s mileage, steering, braking, and handling.

Inspect to ensure your tyres are neither under nor over inflated. Inflated tyres are the main cause of tyre-related accidents in the UAE. So, make sure you maintain the optimum amount of pressure. Most tyres have the right pressure amount mentioned on them for your reference. You can get them checked at the petrol pump or with a pressure gauge at home.Tips to keep your car tyres in good condition

Regular inspections

This one is an important tip that you need to follow regularly. Inspect your tires often to avoid any sudden breakdowns or mishaps. Check your tyres for unusual signs like cuts, bulges, or objects that could puncture the tyre.

In case of any such signs, call a mechanic and get them fixed or replaced. If you have been using the spare tyre for a while, get it replaced with one new one, as spare tyres are only good for a short time. Physical inspections are an easy way to determine the condition of your tyres and keep them in top-notch condition

Depth of tread

Another crucial factor you need to keep a close look at is the depth of the tyre tread. They play an important role in terms of the safety and performance of your car. Make sure there is enough tyre tread to ensure safety.

In the UEA, the minimum legal tread depth for light vehicles is 1.6 mm, but for mid-sized vehicles, it is 2.4 mm. So, make sure your car has enough tread, as it is a crucial safety factor. Also, it impacts the performance of your car. If there isn’t enough tread, consider replacing your tyres immediately.

Avoid overloading

Loading your vehicle with too much weight can cause wear on your tyres, specifically during summer. Also, it can impact the performance of your car, including its handling.

Putting excessive load on your tyres can cause tyre explosion, which is always a dangerous circumstance to be in. That is why always be mindful and avoid overloading. Most tyres have a label on them of how much weight they can hold, so keep that in mind while loading your car.

Good driving habits

You need to follow this tip on all accounts for the safety of your own and other people. Maintaining good driving habits is also crucial to keeping your tyres in perfectly good condition. In addition, to keep yourself safe and your car in good condition.

Constant breaks and acceleration can cause them to wear more quickly. Also, avoid driving on bad roads and potholes and bumps. Drive more smoothly and constantly to maintain your tyres in good condition.


Having tyres in top condition is essential to drive safely. If your tyres have worn out, it is time to replace them. The condition of your tyres is essential to maintain the safety and performance of your car. Follow these tips to improve their expectancy and durability.